Samuel Mahama on the Run and John Mahama Campaigns to Steal More


Samuel Mahama on the Run and John Mahama Campaigns to Steal More

By Fadi Dabbousi

Shame has many nuances, and like a cascade of Sulphur in the depths of hell it starts an avalanche of magma that burns the good, the bad, and the ugly. When it is unleashed, just like the corona virus, it does not differentiate between the aged, the youth, and adolescents, as it does not innocent children. Every nation does its best to avoid such a scenario, and many individuals feel the pang of its destruction no matter how faceless they are.

Unfortunately, in our midst is a group of toxic siblings that do not care what stench they let off. Much like skunks, they are comfortable with their own disgusting emittances, but find the cleanliness of others offensive. That is the irony of a serendipitous life that raised an indecisive bicycle rider from grass to grace albeit the latter was more due to public money forfeited, embezzled, and stolen from the national purse for many reasons including over-invoiced projects and inflated budgets that served the interest of a dynasty embroiled in a “grab and eat” frenzy like famished prisoners in a Nazi camp finally set free!

So Samuel Mahama, having spent his life in the UK could not help his desire to emulate his siblings as his “Mahama” instincts kicked in as soon as his brother John became Vice-President, and, subsequently, President. Only GOD knows what underlying tones the stinking Airbus scandal holds in its secret corners that the Interpol is about prodding. We will soon find out!

Putting pieces of the puzzle together, John Mahama’s bid for a second term carries many connotations that seem plausible given the circumstances unfolding. Does he want to be President again to cover up his rotten deals, including the most corrupt president tag that follows him like an unrelenting shadow from the catacombs of dishonour? For him it seems to be a do-and-die affair, a desperate attempt to salvage his tattered image, an application of cosmetic surgery if you like.

If we did an elementary calculation, we’d realise that John Mahama, his brothers, and the rest of the gang made huge amounts of money. For example, between the over-priced Circle-Dubai interchange that cost a whopping amount over $250 million USD, the over-priced renovation of the Ridge Hospital at another whopping amount of $280 Million USD, the Kasoa interchange that cost yet a whopping amount of about $170 Million USD, and $220 Million USD being cost of Terminal 3 at the Kotoka International airport, NDC spent a total of $920 Million USD, approximately. For less than this amount, President Nana Akufo-Addo is constructing 1,300 kilometres of roads, 3 interchanges, and 69 steel bridges at an estimated $850 million USD, notwithstanding the very complex Tema interchange, which cost Ghanaians an insignificant $57 Million USD. I use the word “insignificant” to accentuate the fact that the cost involved is a small fraction of what it would have cost us were John Mahama at the helm of affairs, which I am almost certain would have exceeded the $357 million USD mark, a corruption markup of $300 Million USD.

My brothers and sisters, please compare and contrast. Where the NDC and John Mahama had fallen short of being compassionate after stealing Ghanaians and wreaking havoc on our economy, President Nana Akufo-Addo is adding value to the lives of the impoverished without discrimination to political shade, race, colour, or creed. Where the NDC and John Mahama have fallen short of integrity, prudence and diligence, the government of President Akufo-Addo has introduced “Free SHS” that has benefitted all without prejudice; the government has pursued a rigorous railway rehabilitation and construction policy coupled with a railways university at Essikado; the government has revamped and stabilized the NHIS, paying the debt accumulated by the convicted criminal Sylvester Tetteh of the NDC, former CEO of NHIA under the erstwhile Presidency of John Mahama; the government has fast-tracked the production of food and reduction in unemployment by rigorously pursuing the “food for jobs programme”; the government has digitised most of the corruption susceptible institutions to curb financial losses to the State and increase substantially the nation’s income; the government has paid teacher and nurses training allowances that were culled by John Mahama, who once said that he would never reinstate them even if that cost him his presidency; the government has set up NABCO and given employment to hundreds of thousands of Ghanaian graduates who wallowed in joblessness under the NDC; government has created more conduits for jobs for all Ghanaians irrespective of their educational qualifications.

Nana Akufo-Addo’s government has done and done and done more to alleviate the suffering of the Ghanaian, and that is why we are routing for #4MoreToDoMore!

Never bring the Mahama’s close to the Presidency! That is a Create, Loot, and Share Dynasty created from the bottom down; Yes #FromTheBottomDown!!!

By Fadi Dabbousi


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