I listened to Sammy Gyamfi in stupefied bewilderment, ranting piteously about some sins he claims President Akufo-Addo has committed in the fight against COVID-19.

In his usual affected sullen mood, he itemized his a series of lamentations he claims constitute the failure of President Akufo-Addo in his handling of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic.

I would not spend inordinately longer than usual time dealing with all the issues he raised in his press conference since most of them were mere conjectures and figments of his warped imagination.

He went about their mundane mantra of our borders not being closed early enough. Ghana would have been COVID-19 free if the borders had been closed, he said. At the time he says we should have closed our borders, no country had adopted that strategy. The Workd Health Organization even said at the time it was not ripe enough to take such an action.

Ghana is not an island in the comity of nations to be taking such needless decisions at the time.

He continued with his impious delivery of attacking President Akufo-Addo, saying his tour of Norway brought the first case of coronavirus infection into the country. This claim, we need not to be told, is without substance. How come none of his entourage from the Presidency tested positive for the virus?

He claims the increasing number of people who have been diagnosed with the virus gives steam to the conclusion that Akufo-Addo has failed to deal with the virus and its spread.

This point is not in harmony with the facts of the case. Ghana may have recorded around 24,000 cases of COVID-19 infections, the active cases are a little over 4000 with about 135 deaths.

In percentage wise, these figures show we have done even better now than previously reported. We have tested over 300,000 people, second only to South Africa, and if our active cases do not exceed 5000, it stands to reason that we have managed the situation far better than many countries.

What I find hypocritical is the bit about the President and EC endangering the lives of Ghanaians with the ongoing registration exercise when COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc on us.

Registering and voting are not mandatory. If Sammy Gyamfi and his people feel unsafe going to register, what stops them from abstaining from the exercise in the first place?

It is sad that the opposition NDC would choose to bastardize the hard work put in this fight against COVID-19 in order to gain politically from same.

Sammy Gyamfi and his NDC failed to ideate anything resembling what the NDC would have done if they were in office. Still, the opposition National Democratic Congress is empty and has no alternative ideas for Ghanaians.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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