SA: Thickleeyonce Defends Nasty C In Body-Shaming Brouhaha

South African Youtuber Thickleeyonce has come out to defend rapper Nasty C after social media users accused the rapper of body-shaming her.
Nasty C was called out yesterday after the release of his highly anticipated ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ album.


The Def Jam signee in one of his songs ‘Deep Pockets’ made reference to his clothing saying it is rounded like the influencer Thickleeyonce.

Many saw it as an innocent shout out to her, however, some were offended by it and called him out for body-shaming her.

He said in the song “my shirt like Thickleeyonce, it’s all rounded.”

An ‘offended’ tweep wrote, “Why do I feel it’s more like body-shaming than a S/O? Or because it’s a song of a well-known rapper it’s all cool? Enlighten me.”

Meanwhile, Thick in a response to one of the tweeps said Nasty had reached out to her over the lyrics and she gave him a go ahead to do so.
She wrote “he literally just means that his pockets are as chubby as me. Also, he reached out to me before he put it on the song, he asked if I didn’t mind & I told him I was hella cool with it, I’m not offended by calling me fat, I’m offended by people shaming me for being fat.”

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