I vividly remember, each and every line of the conversation of our first live encounter. It was a sour one. One that was too hotly engaging, full of enmity, disapproval and unfriendliness. Love was relegated to the background and brotherhood was made nonsense. That day is still regrettable.

I remember, it was in 2018 at a GUPS Congress held in the Garden City University College in Kumasi. That congress which saw, as usual, electoral boxes and other electoral structures to be fully positioned and displayed by noon of the day yet up until 10pm, elections had not began and truly to the end, no voting took place at all with congress adjourned to emergency. It was that congress which saw you, McCasland exit office as GUPS Coordinating Secretary and Aboagye Sarpong Justice (Sheik) becoming the GUPS President elect.

I remember everything. I remember that in the middle of the night, at about 2am, you, accompanied by your friend and brother PYB came to wake me up only to tell me to vacate the room where I slept and also to leave the congress grounds because I was not a member of GUPS. I remember, the bed which I laid on was willingly given to me by my very good friend Alexander, the then SRC President of IBM & J. In that room was Sir Rabbi who is now the GUPS P&P, Ezekiel of Oxford Institute of Business & Journalism, other two students from UCOMS with one being the UCOMS LNUGS President at the time whose name I do not immediately recall. Our meeting wasn’t a pleasant one.

I became the victim of our meeting. You, as CS of GUPS at the time, used every lawfully means at your disposal to throw me out of your congress. Nonetheless, I had come there having a purpose. First was to help in the grounds campaign of some candidates I had willingly accepted to support. These were GUPS candidates at the time. They were; Aboagye Sarpong Justice (Sheik), Sally Otopa, Amanda Koranteng and Bra Samir. Another purpose was to make myself physically known and to solicit support as a hopeful NUGS PIS aspirant.

McCasland and PYB threw me out of the grounds in the middle of the night without any iota of brotherly care. I remember, yeah I remember every bit of our first live encounter. But, even if our first encounter was bitter, the days ahead corrected the past.

I also remember, after you’d handed over as GUPS CS, you’d manned yourself up to contest the very position I was aspiring to hold in NUGS, that of a Press & Information Secretary (PIS). Though I was not afraid of your contest, I saw it as your second move to further strengthen or affirm the hatred or unfriendly character you showed to me at the GCUC congress grounds. I could think of nothing else than this.

Interestingly however, it was within that time we began to draw closer as friends. Indeed, the previous encounter never triumphed because within a short space of time, we had become friends and transcended beyond same into brotherhood. Today, we have not only been good friends but brothers who seek each other’s advice, counsel, inputs and direction towards life. I remember our last conversation about three days ago to today when we both advised ourselves to pursue life without depending on any supposed political bigwig. Such has become of our friendship today and I know that the future holds mightily well for each one of us. Lest I forget to mention that, it is not just you I’ve reconciled the past with but also that, PYB, the young man who accompanied you to sack me from congress grounds at midnight has also become a very good friend if less a brother.

Most fascinating which I remember is when you finally called to wish me well in my PIS aspiration and also to announce to me that you’ve rescinded your decision to contest and to throw support for me. It is a day I will never forget. The same person who once upon a time woke me up from sleep in the middle of the night to throw me out of his congress grounds has today stepped down a contest to support me. The world is indeed full of surprises.

Sir McCasland, forgive me for writing such a long trajectory of our first encounter and where we’ve arrived today even though we are still journeying on in life. It is always good not to forget the past even after forgiving same. Forgive but never forget so you’ll be guided towards the future. Such is what I’m doing now even on the occasion of your birthday.

Sir McCasland, permit me, at this juncture, to express my profound love, brotherliness, friendship and prayer to you on an occasion such as this. Today, I can only pray that God Most High moves you from grace to grace until you cannot withstand the blessings anymore. Sir McCasland, may the divine blessedness of this day shield you from all enmity, death, depression, lack, poverty, evil and all manner of diseases. Be a blessing to humanity and live to see the goodness of the Lord in the lives of your younger generation.

Sir McCasland, I join the GUPS fraternity, NUGS and other loved ones to wish you a Happy Birthday.


Yours brother in students service
Reindolf Amankwa of CTI-Middle Belt


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