Reasons why Aseidu Nketia Went To Banda Exposed- United Nations Ready To Investigate.


Reasons why Aseidu Nketia Went To Banda Exposed- United Nations Ready To Investigate.

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Not long ago, Aseidu Nketia (the General Secretary of the NDC) was seen in a viral video at Banda constituency; exchanging words with Military men. The issue was that, the Military was refusing him to bring people to register for their new Voter’s ID.

The Military didn’t allow him bring people into the constituency because a command was issued that, no political party should bus people into Banda constituency; to register. Aseidu Nketia upon knowing that a command has been issued, still went on to bus people to the constituency.

Most Ghanaians, especially the NPP, wondered why such a renowned figure in the country will do such a thing. The likes of Abronye and other NPP dignitaries have attacked the NDC and Aseidu Nketia in this regard. This article has come to reveal the reasons why Aseidu Nketia made that step.

Here is the reason

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) had reported the current government to the United Nations (UN) over the ongoing Voter’s Registration exercise. Their concern was that, the current government is preventing Ewes (Voltarians) to register their names. In response to their report, the UN requested an evidence.

As at the time of report, the NDC had no evidence and they were told to report their allegations with an evidence. In order to get an evidence to justify their allegation, Aseidu Nketia had to breach the law by bussing people to registration centres. So the videos and pictures, from the scenes when Aseidu Nketia was exchanging words with the Military, is what they are sending as an evidence to the UN. This is the reason why Aseidu Nketia did what he did. Hopefully, the UN is going to investigate the issue.

But come to think of it, what at all is the concern of the NDC and what at all do they want from the current government. The Voter’s registration has ended and the number of people who have registered, even exceeds the expectations of the Electoral Commission (EC). The EC expected about 15 million people to register and over 15.1 million people have had their names registered.

The question is that, which people haven’t registered their names? Can the NDC point them out?

Aseidu Nketia was asked whether the place where he bussed people from is really part of Ghana and till now, the media hasn’t received any answer yet.

What do the NDC want from Ghanaians?

What at all do they want the UN to do?

There is a wave of tribal war in the country and it looks as if the NDC wants to spearhead this. If there is anything they want to do to frustrate the current government because of politics, then it should be kept it in the confines of politics and not to infiltrate politics into tribalism.

The registration has ended but the EC has even given more opportunity for people who couldn’t register, to register. This is to be done on Saturday and Sunday, 8th August and 9th August, 2020 respectively.

So the big question is that, what at all are the intentions of the NDC?



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