Reasons for stalling construction of Commonwealth Annex project trivial – Prince Lumor


Junior Common Room President of the Commonwealth Hall at the University of Ghana, Prince Lumor has described some of the reasons given by a group of lecturers against the proposed location for the construction of the Commonwealth Annex as trivial.

He believes that the move by the lecturers is a clear case of sabotage against the hall and their aim is aimed at suppressing the realization of the project.

In December last year, some 25 lecturers of the University wrote to the Vice-Chancellor requesting further information through a special meeting of convocation on the construction of an ultramodern Commonwealth Hall Annex.

The lecturers raised 10 questions that they request edification on.

Among other things, the lecturers asked why the present site for the construction was chosen whilst adding that it will potentially destroy the “unique architecture” of the University.

With that matter yet to be fully addressed, the project has since stalled.

Speaking to UniversNews, Prince Lumor said that considering the urgency in finding means to bridge the accommodation gap in the University, the fourth point made by the petitioners in their letter is weak.

“Without attempting to impute any ill intentions to Commonwealth hall students (aka ‘Vandals’), the congregation of over 5,000 Vandals at the pinnacle of the University gives cause for extreme concern, especially in the event of student disaffection about something,” the lecturers stated in their petition.

Prince Lumor believes that members of the university community should not make their arguments against the project in such a direction.

”By using some of these issues as the basis to stall a project of this magnitude, for me is very unfortunate and quite appalling. It demonstrates to us that we do not have the will to address the issue of accommodation. In the case of the petitioners, the major articulative motive is Point 4. Some of these issues are very trivial, if we have the will to address this accommodation issue, we shouldn’t be majoring in some of these issues. The Vice-Chancellor might have seen some of these issues, but knowing very well how pressing the issue of accommodation is, he had to just go ahead and cut sword.” he said

About the Commonwealth Hall Annex Project

The project is being spearheaded by the Alumni of the Commonwealth Hall of the University.

The facility, estimated at $42,000,000, is expected to deliver a fully-furnished 4,660-bed capacity, comprising 302 one-bed block, 552 two-bed block, 3,806 four-bed block, 32 two-bedroom lecture flats, 8,000 capacity auditorium, and a shopping mall.


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