My attention has been drawn to a publication on several media platforms which seeks to throw dust into the eyes of the general public. There’s no truth in those publications as they seek to put across.

Nana Osei Bonsu an aide and campaigner for the re-election of the Member of Parliament for the Ejisu Constituency Hon. Kwabena Owusu Aduomi was arrested on the 10th of April, 2020 by the Divisional Police Headquarters, Ejisu and arraigned before the Juaben Circuit Court on the 20th of April for forging the letterhead of NEIP as well as the signature of its CEO in the person of Lawyer John Kumah.

After court on Monday, 20th April 2020, I had a call from the KNUST police station about a complaint made against me. I attended to the call on Tuesday 21st April,2020. In a meeting between Nana Osei Bonsu the complainant, the CID, myself and four other people, Nana Osei Bonsu was unable to produce any shred of evidence, either in the form of a verbal confrontation, audio recording, text message or any pictorial evidence of my supposed threat to his life or trailing as so alleged. We are talking about a man I have not personally even spoken to for weeks.

I therefore want to put on record that I, Dominic Danquah, is no violent person and would not use threats and intimidation in the pursuance of internal political activity to get Lawyer John Kumah elected as the candidate to contest the Ejisu seat.

I would, therefore, edge the public to disregard with contempt the allegations made to my person, my supposed arrest and detention at the KNUST police station. When this is coming from a man who is standing trial at a court of competent jurisdiction for fabrications and forgery. For this is nothing but one of the deceptive tactics employed by he and the man he serves i.e. Hon.Kwabena Owusu Aduomi, to discredit the enviable personality and integrity of my boss Lawyer John Kumah.

Long live the NPP, long live Ejisu NPP



(Aide to lawyer John Kumah)

Attached to this is a publication on the 20th April 2020.

Nana Osei Bonus Granted Bail over Forged NEIP Letterhead and fake NEIP Beneficiary List

The Juaben Circuit Court on Monday, April 20, 2020 presided over a case of forgery against Nana Osei Bonsu. Nana is in court for his involvement in creating and distributing a document purported to be from the Office of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan.

Nana Osei Bonsu has been charged with an offence of publication of false news . The case was presided over by His Lordship Assibey Yusif.

A bail of GHC 10,000 with a surety of permanent residence was granted to Nana Osei Bonsu after he pleaded not guilty to the charges labelled against him by the state prosecutor.

The case was adjourned to Tuesday, 19th of May 2020 at 9am.


On 9th April 202, Nana Osei Bonsu who is the campaign aide to the Member of Parliament in the Ejisu Constituency, Hon Kwabena Owusu-Aduomi, created and circulated a fake list of 2018 beneficiaries of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan. The list was placed on a fake letterhead of NEIP and had the forged signature of the NEIP CEO, Lawyer John Kumah.

A complaint was therefore filed by the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan at the Police station due to the criminality of the matter and a subsequent arrest of Nana Osei Bonsu was made by the police. However, the Member of Parliament within 24 hours of the arrest requested that Nana be granted bail and he stood in surety for the gentleman. It was then that it came to light that the acts by Nana Osei Bonsu is being done at the berserk of the Member of Parliament for Ejisu and is part of a grand strategy targeted at destroying the image of the CEO of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan, Lawyer John Kumah.

The same document which has landed Nana Osei in the grips of the Ghana Police was also given to social media commentator, Ekow Taylor who has proceeded to use the document as basis to launch series of smear campaign mixed with lies, aimed at destroying the image of Lawyer John Kumah and weakening his popularity ahead of the NPP primaries which has been postponed.


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