Raphael Patrick Sarfo(Raph) Deputy National TESCON Cordinator writes,

Raphael Patrick Sarfo(Raph) Deputy National TESCON Cordinator writes,
Dear Ghanaian youth, before you decide who to vote for in 2020 elections, read this about President Akufo Addos promise on No Guarantor policy on student loans.
Before a student is granted a loan from the Students loan trust fund, he/she must have the following guarantors:
SSNIT contributor,
Recognized Religious Body,
Municipal, District Assembly and Corporate Body.
This policy unfairly discriminated against students who may not have had access to willing guarantors, in turn blocking them from pursuing a tertiary education because of a lack money. We, the NPP, strongly believe that an education should be freely accessible to all, regardless of your socio-economic background.
The solution to this unfair discrimination in Ghana is No Guarantor University Loan policy by President Akufo Addo
Take note of this about No loan Guarantor.
Since 2017, NPP have more than doubled the amount of university loans disbursed in 2016, the last of 8 years of NDC government.
NPP and President Akufo Addo will make sure that no student obtain admission to tertiary institution is denied access because they are unable to pay fees.
We will provide students more options to obtain a student loan without the requirement of a guarantor.
1. Defer repayment of the loan till after National Service plus an additional one-year grace period.
2. We will improve every Ghanaians access to education by expanding the quantity and quality of student loans.
3. This program will help to ensure that every student has access to higher education, regardless of background or financial status.
Vote for president Akufo Addo.

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