Prophet Bishop Angel Obinim Takes on Kennedy Agyapong (Hon)


Following the revelation of the indulgence in criminal activities by Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi by Kennedy Agyapong (Hon), and the alleged securing of Coronavirus antidote by Bishop Angel Obinim, of which Kennedy took an exception, Obinim has taken offence.

Subsequently, he has insulted Kennedy for expressing his doubts about his alleged finding of a cure for Covid-19. Why should he attack Kennedy for doing such a marvellous job for mother Ghana and for the people of Ghana?


Without spending much of my precious time on expressing my views on this latest development, I shall simply say Obinim is as much a crook and a fake prophet as Emmanuel Badu Kobi. It is only in Ghana and Africa that such scumbags are venerated as prophets and bishops only to end up living in opulence at the expense of their church members.

As ignorant and conmen as Obinim and Badu Kobi are, they still have people to succumb to their demands, adhering to their most nonsensical prophecies and collusively public-arranged false spiritual deliverances.

Look at the many silly miracles Obinim claims to perform with his teeming naive congregation always cheering him on. Are Ghanaians that ignorant for quack pastors, prophets, bishops and angels to parasitically live off their benevolence?

Obinim will soon realise the consequences of his stupidity by daring to take Kennedy on. I am with Kennedy for promising to deal drastically with Obinim, a devil incarnate in Ghana who talks rubbish all of the time.

How will the whiteman ever respect the black man if we continue to prostrate to crooks like Obinim and Badu Kobi?

Do Ghanaians think these crooks can ever take them to heaven where they dream to be one day?

I am not judging them. However, I can tell from afar that Badu Kobi and Obinim are leading their followers into hell fire!

Obinim will soon see his actual size. I hope his church members will not come out in support of him when he starts squealing like the pig when Kennedy pushes his back to the wall without giving him a breathing space.

Let all intelligent and God-fearing Ghanaians worldwide rally behind Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) to fight the corruption and all forms of crimes in orchestration by the so-called prophets and angels in Ghana. They are simply thieves and false men of God.

Badu Kobi is a thief. Obinim is a crook. No wonder both of them are being taken to the cleaners by discerning Ghanaians led by Chief ace investigative personality in Ghana, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong (Hon).

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 16 March 2020


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