Professor is not higher than a PhD. Get this Education once and for all, especially our micro and macro economics and bottom up approach brothers and sisters.

There is no qualification higher than a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). PhD is a terminal degree whereas Prof. is a rank related to university teaching. Do not confuse Prof to be a terminal degree.

In Ghana, University Academic Staff Ranks are Lecturer , Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor. Recently, Assistant Lecturer has been introduced for those with Masters. Elsewhere, like in US, Canada and UK , Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor are the various rank. It appears UK for instance uses the two approaches.

Previously, in universities in Ghana, you didn’t need a PhD to be promoted to the rank of Professor. There are many Professors without PhD.

Prof Frimpong of KNUST was Promoted to Associate Professor in 2010 and obtained his PhD in 2013. . Mr Gariba of KNUST is now Prof without a PhD. Nana Afia Opoku- Asare a member of NaCCA Board is a Prof without a PhD. Yiadom Marfo of UCC is a Prof without a PhD. However, in recent times, it appears your rank may end at Senior Lecturer in Ghanaian Universities if you don’t have a PhD.

Do not also confuse Professor as a professional title with Professor as a promotional rank. It appears in the US anyone teaching in the University is called a Professor whereas in Ghana and UK they are called Lecturers.

It is actually ignorance that makes people compare Prof to PhD as if both are academic qualifications. It even more pathetic to suggest that, a person who has worked throughout his or her life in the academia and has promoted to the rank of Prof is more qualified than someone who has worked in the industry. Both have different promotional titles.

While Field Marshal is the highest rank in the British Army, Prof is the highest rank for university Academic Staff. And so is like suggesting that a Prof is more qualified than a Field Marshal.

And again, stop equating Honorary Doctorate to PhD. The ignorance and the misinformation are becoming too much on this street. Get this one too, Doctor of Letters is not equivalent to PhD. It is way of university saying “Thank you” to someone for the person’s contribution to a certain field. In fact some even give it to people that have made huge donations to the university. UDS said thank you to Rawlings.

So for instance, if someone has three Honorary Doctorates it doesn’t mean the person has three PhDs.

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