Prof. Attafuah is a failure; he must resign as NIA boss – Kwabena Agyapong

The morning show host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Kwabena Agyapong, has taken Prof. Ken Attafuah, the Executive Secretary for the National Identification Authority (NIA), to the cleaners over the challenges Ghanaians have been encountering since the mass registration for Ghana card started in the Greater Accra region.

He has asked the professor to resign from the post because he has failed to discharge his duties assigned to him by President Akufo-Addo.

To him, the president must appoint a new person because Prof. Attafuah has failed woefully to manage activities at NIA.

He wondered why people who go the registration centers to register, spend hours and in some cases days just to get them registered and issued with their Ghana cards.

In mincing no words he said: “Prof. Attafuah you’ve been a failure. If no one will tell you, I will tell you that you have been a failure.’’

Kwabena Agyapong further slammed the NIA for the blows and misunderstandings recorded across some centers.

On the issue of the artificial shortage of forms created by some officials who were charging between GHc10-20 before they register people, he said, when Rainbow Radio reported the story it was denied but the NIA has issued a statement confirming the story.

The NIA in a statement a few days ago denied reports that there were shortages of forms in the ongoing exercise.

This was after Rainbow Radio had reported cases of extortion from some officers in some centers.

The statement from the NIA issued to that effect said it had gathered that prospective applicants at some NIA centers were being told that there were no NIA identity card forms.

The NIA denied the claims and insisted that any claim from any officer was untrue, and maybe a pretext to justify improper conduct such as extortion of monies from desperate applicants at these centers.

It further stated that such claims could be artificial or pretextual and constitute misinformation of public and unfair treatment