‘Primaries are over, bury differences and team up for victory in 2020’ – NPP Chairman

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October 12, 2019

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First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Chiana-Paga constituency, Aputara Akasoba Jeremiah, has urged party members to let go off differences that might have been created amongst them during the heat of the constituency primaries election held last month.

He said such conflicts, many of which are largely due to differences in preference of candidates, must be addressed and “buried” so they will not create situations that could weaken the NPP’s fortunes in the general elections next year.

Speaking to some party executives within the Sirigu area Sunday, shortly after he led trainees of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) to make a donation to the Sirigu Mother of Mercy Babies Home, Mr. Aputara, who doubles as the District NABCO coordinator for Kasena-Nankana West, urged supporters of candidates who lost in the primaries to “bury their differences” and team up in hardwork with their victorious contenders to broaden the chances of the party in the 2020 polls.

“In a democratic election such as our primaries, the people will always support different candidates and that may most at times create problems among the candidates themselves, the delegates and supporters. So when it happens this way and such problems arise, it is incumbent on us the executives to get in touch with all the people involved, the people who were insulted or addressed with bad language during their campaigns and bring them together to ensure that such differences are buried so that we can team up and give support to the elected Parliamentary candidates to win for the party”.

Mr. Aputara asked party members to unite for the common interest of the NPP and to at all times remember that primaries are internal elections which should not be allowed to fester divisiveness within the party.

He called for respect for the decision of the delegates which saw the election Robert Aloo as NPP Parliamentary candidate for the constituency.
Mr. Aputara reiterated the need for members to give Robert Aloo their full support, stating it was the only way the NPP can sell their live-changing policies to the people and maximize development in the area.

“We should come together. We are a family. What transpired was just a family kind of election. This should not in any way bring division among us but should rather bring us together. The delegates made a call, they made a choice and the choice is the person they elected. Now what we need to do as party people is to ensure that we all rally behind his person to secure victory for the NPP in 2020 and when he wins he will definitely bring development to the area and people”.


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