Ladies and Gentlemen of the press we welcome you to this conference of coalition of Defected NDCs who have out of willingness joined the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency.

We shall be laconic today with our factual points.
Our total strength is 1,205 distributed across the Constituency, but 841 plus are present now. This does not include defectors living outside the Constituency.
Before knowing what real Politics is and seeing the light for which we joined the NPP, had been indoctrinated politically in the National Democratic Congress, NDC ,to oppose everything NPP even when we stood as direct beneficiaries of their policies. For Mr Kwame Peter ,at Sunkwa who was the NDC’s propaganda secretary was coached to churn out lots of falsehood to advantage the NDC in the strongholds. We had verbally abused all class of persons, once you’re at the opposition side. Lies and Propaganda wrapped in exaggeration dominated our ways , which today,we accept have contributed badly to the development of this nation. We have individually prayed for God’s forgiveness. The good people of Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency should also forgive us , especially parents whom we kept deceiving that Honourable Ato Forson and the NDC were the best thing we had.

Citizens of Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency, it wasn’t our fault that we engaged in those things blindly,we were made to do so by our leaders in this Constituency, but thank God,truth is leading our Political activities now since we joined NPP.

It was not grief ,pain ,money, gift or disappointment that brought us out of Egypt (NDC) . We were simply misled and abused.
Can you imagine,while in NDC we said the NPP led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo was tricking the consciences of Ghanaians with free SHS, Planting for food and jobs,one district one factory, restoration of allowances to Teachers and nurses in colleges? Today all have become realities. Today the dignity of parents has been restored with Free SHS. Parents don’t go begging, students are not walk out during WASSCE examination, all students who are able to reach form three are registered and none drops out. The free school is indeed christ-like.
We are Patriots now and will forever be because university graduates from Ajumako Enyan Essiam who were not given financial clearance under the former deputy finance minister are employed even the NPP does not have its own MP in this Constituency. The government has given us one ambulance unlike the cargo truck NDC brought here some time ago. Dumsor swallowed us , collapsed our business because our former deputy finance minister and MP could not make any financial commitment to end it, today, barbers, hairdressers, mechanics, cold store operators, families, especially students enjoy light all week long. This is governance.
Mr justice Donkor of Bewora ,who worked so hard for the NDC to come to power in 2012 didn’t get a sweeping job to do , he is employed as a teacher, Nana Addo, thank you for delivering him and other NDC branch executives from the unemployed graduates association.
Most of our people attended Teacher and Nursing training Colleges, and needed allowances, but Mahama cancelled. Those who entered same colleges from 2017 to date are enjoying the allowances lessening the financial burdens on parents.
Our media friends, the world must know that the debt Mahama left at the NHIA affected our people so much to access health care. Nana has cleared it.
One thing workers in this district will forever be grateful for is the cancellation of Mahama’s/Jane Naana’s inhumane 3 months pay policy. Teachers were the most affected.
Go round the Constituency,you will see that ,at least in every community, the positive impact of the competent president’s work is felt.

Records have it that since 1992 ,no Parliamentary Candidate ever performed even 3% of what Dr Rashid Kwesi Etuaful, NPP Parliamentary candidate for Ajumako Enyan Essiam is doing within a space of one year. No!
83 Work and pay cars have been given out creating 83 direct jobs for the Youth.
360 young men have been Supported to secure driving licenses. With his youth Project, over 1864 youths are under going various artisanal Training-some given the needed machines for their apprenticeship. His iKER medical team has covered 60 towns and villages to provide Free medical screening and renewing of NHIS Cards.some 600 women have equally been given a loan facility of 9 billion old Cedis.

As citizens as we will always be, and not stomach Political activist, development is all about affecting lives and making them sustained. We applaud the NPP and Dr Rashid Kwesi Etuaful for being our relief.
Parents, especially mothers , nurses, Farmers, traders and all, this we must defend the gains of the NPP. We should vote straight dress, for Nana Addo and Dr Rashid to avoid the excuse from an opposition MP that he has done nothing because his government is not in power. We can not suffer another four years of no show.

On behalf of the Defected NDCs here, I express our profound gratitude for accepting us as one of you regardless of anyone’s past record in NDC

We have seen and been under the light(NPP) and will forever be Patriots

God bless our Constituency and bring Victory to Dr Rashid Kwesi Etuaful and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo


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