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Good Morning members of the press present, I welcome you to this all-important press meeting from the Concerned Youth of Bekwai (C.Y.B). Thank you for your swift response even with this very short notice.
We the members of the above-named group and as members of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) today are calling on the Bekwai Constituency Executives, the Regional Executives of NPP in the Ashanti Region and the National Executives to as a matter of Urgency look into the NPP Constitution and guidelines covering the impending primaries to put to rest an impending controversy which is about to rare its head in the Bekwai constituency.

It has been ascertained that at the close of nominations on the 20th February, 2020, four (4) interested applicants had picked nomination forms from both the Constituency and National Headquarters.
In view of that, we the members of the C.Y.B commend the party for such a democratic display even though there were some few issues here and there.

Moving on, it is clear in this regard that, three of the aspirants have been with the Party in the Constituency from the last General Elections and have supported the constituency in diverse ways which include financing the Party’s activities. These people are Mr. Ben Berko, Mr. Charles Acheampong and Mr. Joseph Osei-Owusu who is the Hon. Member of Parliament for the Constituency.

Looking into that of the fourth person who picked nomination forms for the contest in the person of Mr. Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang, our checks revealed that even though he is a native of Asokore in the Bekwai Constituency, he only transferred his vote into the Constituency in March 2019 and has never voted in the Constituency prior to the just ended District Level Elections.

Not to waste much time since the date for vetting of aspirants is getting closer we are calling on the Executives of our Great Party to as a matter of urgency bring to a closure the issue of who is eligible to contest for position/office in the NPP at the constituency level.

We want to know if anyone who has never voted, nurtured or contributed to the Party in a Constituency he/she wishes to contest for position/office is qualified and eligible.

We know that per ARTICLE 3 of the Party’s Constitution as it has been stated clearly that, and I quote;
1. (1) Membership of the Party shall be open to all citizens of voting age,
without regard to place of origin, circumstances of birth, race,
status, occupation, gender, ethnic origin, religion, creed, or other
(2) A Member of an organization or interest group shall not be
required to join the Party by virtue only of his or her membership
of the organization or group.
(3) Any citizen may join the Party by declaration in a prescribed form of his
or her intention to become a member and to abide by this Constitution.
(4) Any citizen who desires to become a member of the Party may enrol
for membership in a polling station in any parliamentary constituency
where the citizen resides or hails from, or in an external branch.
(5) A citizen shall, upon being enrolled, be issued with a membership card
bearing the citizen’s name, postal address, house number, polling
station and constituency or external branch in which the citizen has
been enrolled.
(6) A member shall be registered as belonging to any one of the
following three categories of membership:
(a) Founding Members
Founding Members are those persons who participated in the
birth of the Party by appending their signatures on the prescribed
forms at the Electoral Commission and paid the prescribed fee in
(b) Patrons
Patrons are Members who undertake to contribute to the national,
regional, constituency or polling station fund of the Party, as the
case may be, for the support of the Party’s organization and such
extra levies as may be imposed from time to time.
(c) Members
Persons who are neither Founding Members nor Patrons shall be
described as Members.

Again, Article 12(7) which state, and I quote;
No Member shall be entitled to apply for nomination as the Party’s
Parliamentary Candidate for any Constituency unless he or she:
(a) is a known and active Member of at least (2) years;
(b) is a registered Member and a voter in the Constituency which
he or she seeks to represent, provided that, in appropriate
cases, the Constituency Executive Committee may dispense
with this requirement;
(c) is of good character;
(d) is of good standing;
(e) has paid the prescribed fee for Parliamentary Candidate by
the deadline set by the National Executive Committee;
(f) qualifies under the electoral laws to be a Parliamentary
Candidate for the Constituency; and
(g) has signed the “Undertaking for Parliamentary Candidates”.

In view of the above articles and per our understanding, the group can state that Mr. Kwasi Amofa Agyemang is not of good standing and has also not met the requirement of Article 12( 7) a & b as been an active member for two years.

This can be confirmed by the transfer of his vote into the Constituency in March 2019.

We are therefore calling on the party to as a matter of urgency put this matter to rest so not to bring or heightened tension in the Constituency.

We are again calling on the Party to engage all parties involved and use the Party’s constitution to amicably settle this issue for all sides to be comfortable and content so not to bring Bekwai into the news for any bad reason.

For the above reasons and more, we wish to draw the attention of all well- meaning Party faithfuls to rally behind us to bring a lasting and permanent closure to this issue once and for all.

We finally pledged our support to the Party and will wholeheartedly campaign tirelessly for any of the aspirants who will emerge victorious in the April 25 primaries and also the Presidental Candidate of our Great Party who is the President of the Republic on this slogan (Four more for Nana, Four more to do more).

Long live Ghana
Long live NPP
Long live Bekwai

#4more for Nana
#4more to do more

Eugene Osei Poku


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