I wish to praise and thank the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo-Danqwah Akuffo-Addo and his NPP Government for the introduction of “Equitable Distribution of National Resources” in this country. During the tenure of the NDC, resources were distributed according to ones close association or allegiance with the ruling party. To this end, some Districts in the Education sector received more than 2 Pick-ups whiles others had nothing to work with. The second model for sharing of National resources to districts under NDC was “Who Created that District”. There were districts that even had more than 2 pick-ups already and were given additional vehicles by their model of distribution.

Now let’s look at how Nana Addo has shared our National cake:

⚾ He distributed Nissan Hardbody Pick-ups to all Districts under the Planting for Food and Jobs program for MoFA at the District level.

⚾ He distributed Nissan Hardbody Pick-ups to all District Assemblies irrespective of who created them under the Local Government System.

⚾ He has again distributed Nissan vehicles to every DCE in this country.

⚾ He again distributed Ambulances to every Constituency irrespective of the votes He got from the Consistency.

⚾ He has ones again distributed Isuzu Pick-ups to every District Education Directorate in this country as well as Motor bikes.

⚾ For the first time in this country, national cake had been shared equitably under the Free SHS system to every household that aspire to patronize the system unless otherwise.

I can predict with 100% precision and certainty that future sharing of the national resources under Nana Addo-Danquah Akuffo-Addo will follow the same line.

My only suggestion to Nana Addo is that, next sharing of vehicles across the nation, I expect to see pick-ups made in Ghana; I mean the Kantanka model to propel the Kantanka Industry for growth in particular and Ghana at large to reduce the scare foreigh exchange and also to improve upon the strength of the Ghana Cedi as imports are reduced. Ghana also need to start exporting Industrial Machinery to showcase to the outside world that we can also make it. At least if Kantanka’s model is in every district being used by any of the Government Agencies, it will entice the citizens to begin to patronize them.

To this end, I wish Nana Addo a peaceful governorship for the rest of his first tenure of office and a successful re-election for the second term.

To you the general voting population, give Nana a second term to continue his good works.

Nana Addo, Ayekoo.

By Isaac Baafi Agyemang


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