Police Investigation into the Missing Child at Ntunkumso is not Convincing


A kindergarten-going child of two and a half years went missing from school, possibly abducted by an unknown person in the afternoon of Friday, 6 March 2020.

The case was reported to the Effiduase in Ashanti region police station same day or the next. The police only attended on Monday, 9 March 2020.

They only went to the school, interviewed the teachers and the parents of the child and left with the assurance to them that the Crime Officer will take over the case and get back to them in due course.

The local assembly had organised volunteers to search the nearby bushes for the child since Friday that he went missing from school but without success.

One would expect the police to at least take a cursory view of the footpaths leading from the school to the nearby villages and farms to have a rough idea about how the abductor could have escaped with the child, if not to comb the bushes for the child. One would expect the police to interview some of the village folk if on that fateful Friday strangers looking suspicious had come into the village and if yes, for what reason and where they had been to in the village.

However, nothing of the sort seemed to have occurred. Does this not tell from the word go that the police have established that the child will never be found either dead or alive hence not taking the search for him any seriously?

Is it out of incompetence or lack of logistics that the Ghana police almost always are incapable of conducting successful search for reported missing or murdered persons?

Anyway, it has come to my attention that on that fateful Friday afternoon, there were people who deal in what is called “condemn”, thus, rejected old and overused household utensils, buckets, etc., of aluminium and iron-based, come to Ntunkumso. Some were seen around the school area.

According to my source of information, some of these “condemn” (condemned)-materials-buying guys have a bad history. Some had been caught kidnapping children and doing all sorts of illegal activities. One was said to have been caught with a kidnapped child whose mouth had been taped off, in his bag. I am told they carry big bags.

Could this clue assist the police in their investigation into locating the whereabouts of the missing child?

Until the parents have found their child dead or alive, they will never be themselves. Therefore, let anyone with information to help find the child do communicate them to the police.

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 10 March 2020


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