Police fire warning shots in Tamale


Police officers from the Northern Regional Police Command were compelled to fire warning shots to disperse youth from Yong, a suburb of Tamale metropolis in the Northern region over Chieftaincy issues at the Bugu Lana palace in Tamale.

In the process, one person from the yong community was arrested and sent to the police station in Tamale.

The youth from the Dakpema Naa and Bugu Lana palaces started attacking each other with stones and other objects but with the help of the military and police, the situation was put under control.

The misunderstanding started when Zama was enskinned by the Dakpema Naa some weeks ago as the chief of Yong.

Two brothers Zama (senior) who the Dakpena Naa enskinned as the Yong chief and Fuseini (given the tail as the chief) are all claiming to be chiefs.

The youth of Yong wanted Fuseini as their chief and protested at the Bugu Lana palace.

They claimed the Zama bribed the Dakpema Naa to be given the Chieftaincy title.

DGN Online understands that there was a meeting between the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) and Dakpema Naa, Guma Naa, Belpila Naa yesterday to find lasting solution to the Chieftaincy issue in the area.

REGSEC reportedly ordered the Dakpema Naa and Belbila Naa to return the magic tail to Dakpema Naa to be given to the rightful person for the Yong skin.

The Bugu Lana palace Public Relations Officer, Abdul Wahab S. Kamal told DGN Online that the views of the youth of yong will be addressed by the palace and appealed to them to remain calm.

According to him, the Metro police commander has assured the palace that the person who was arrested will be released to the palace to be handed over to the yong people.

Supt Yusif Tanko, Metro Police Commander, appealed to the youth from both factions not to take the law into their own hands.

Meanwhile, military and police personnel have been stationed at the Dakpema Naa and Bugu Lana palaces respectively to protect lives and properties.


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