The attention of the campaign team of Engineer Peter Antwi Boasiako (Team EPAB), has been drawn to what we deem as diabolical and very dangerous move perpetrated by the Chairman of Afigya Kwabre North constituency, Mr Charles Akosah Amanianpong, who is also an automatic member of the Constituency Parliamentary Election Committee (CPEC), in his overt campaign for his alleged preferred aspirant against the other five aspirants.

The information reaching team EPAB are that, the constituency Chairman has called for number of scheduled meetings at Emass Hotel and at some electoral areas which the last one took place at Penteng, Pampamtia electoral area three days ago, where he, the Chairman invites to meet with only some polling stations Chairmen, organisers and electoral area coordinators in groups, and has openly urged these polling stations executives to lead a campaign to vote for his preferred candidate (Name withheld). A move we estimate as very cynical, divisive and dangerous to be perpetrated by the constituency Chairman in the process to select/elect the party’s parliamentary candidate.

Leading to the Easter festivity, the Constituency Chairman was reported sharing rice and other food stuff in of the same aspirant to some delegates.

At each meeting, our Constituency Chairman, Mr Amanianpong is on record to have given reasons as to why he is impressing on these selected polling station executives to lead a campaign to vote for his preferred candidate against the other five.

According to some polling station executives who attended and could not restrain themselves questioned his motive at the said meetings, and have reported to us that, some of the reasons given by the Chairman, Mr Akosah are, 1) that after the vetting and balloting of the aspirants, it was only his preferred candidate who first came to him with drinks and other stuff in traditional manner, to request for his support to become the next MP, and only satisfied the dues payment requirement. 2) The Chairman also alludes at the meetings that, it is only his preferred aspirant who on record has paid the required membership yearly dues and has contributed to the nurturing of the party at the constituency level, therefore makes his candidate the only person to have been qualified to contest to become the next MP per the party’s rules per his record. 3) That, his preferred aspirant is the only one who appears to be malleable amongst the six aspirants that he, the Chairman thinks he can control. These amongst other damaging comments made against the opponents, hence, the purpose for his open campaign and support for that aspirant.

First of all, we would like to categorically reject this palpable false impression created by the constituency Chairman, to these selected polling stations executives, and adds that, it is not true that our aspirant, Engineer Peter Antwi Boasiako is among the aspirants he claims have not paid their required dues and have not contributed anything to the building of local party as he averred.

We would also like to state emphatically that, amongst the six aspirants who filed their nomination forms and have been vetted and passed to contest at Afigya Kwabre North constituency, our candidate Engineer Peter Antwi Boasiako is one who has contributed mostly to the nurturing of the local party. On both monetary and logistical sense, Engineer Peter has contributed more than all apart from perhaps the incumbent MP who might have used his MP’s common funds to have done something meaningfully in the constituency.

Engineer Peter, apart from being the second highest financial contributor at 2016 London Fundraising event, also producing evidence of his dues payments for five years in Ghana, attached to his nomination form submitted and vetted, the same furnished the constituency party head office with two-executive furniture, 2 x Tables and 2x executives tables for the constituency Chairman and the Secretary offices. Also at NPP 2016 adopt a polling station Fundraising method Engineer Peter adopted six and paid cash to support the local campaign. He also sent a truck full of brand new bicycles to the constituency to aide 2016 general election for each zone in the constituency to have one bicycle. Engineer Peter added 1 x Wireless Printer which prints 26 pages per minute to the constituency head office at Boamang, also paid money to Chairman Akosah to help provide food for the party representatives during 2019 limited registration, etc.

Engineer Peter also bought 50 plastic chairs for the local party office at Kyekyewere.

We would also like to remind the party constituency Chairman of the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct of the parliamentary primaries – 2020, Section A, (12) (17), which states that; “Members of the constituency Parliamentary Election Committee shall not be eligible to contest in the parliamentary primaries.”

“For the purpose of this selection/election process, persons holding positions as National Executive, Regional Executive, Constituency Executive, Electoral area Coordinators or Polling Station Executives, who wish to contest in the primaries shall recuse themselves from their current positions throughout the selection/election process untill the parliamentary primaries are over. Accordingly, such persons shall not attend the vetting as observers. They shall retain their voting right as delegates at the extra ordinary constituency conference.”

These two quotations from the rules and regulations governing the 2020 parliamentary primaries, implicitly suggests that, the Constituency Chairman who is also an automatic member of the CPEC, should not be seen overtly campaigning for an aspirant in the constituency primaries. Such behaviour totally contravenes the explicit rules and regulations, and it’s in variance with the good practice of an executive officer of the party in a parliamentary primaries.

Another trouble is, this censorious action of the constituency Chairman could pose tension when the preferred candidate of Chairman loses, which is likely that he will lose. It may becomes very difficult for the next candidate who wins to be able to trust and corporate cordially with constituency chairman and plan very well for the upcoming general elections, to win more votes. We need to avoid this tendency!!

Team EPAB, therefore respectfully and humbly entreat the Afigya Kwabre North Constituency Chairman, Mr Charles Akosah Amanianpong to desist from creating this unfriendly environment that has potential to creating sharp acrimonious division and destroy the serene unity amongst the aspirants, their supporters and the peaceful nature of our lovely constituency.

The aim of this statement is to help forster a tranquil and paradisiacal atmosphere to allow the delegates decide and make their own informed decision to select the best candidate amongst the six aspirants to represent the party in parliament in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

Thank you.


Aspiring MP, Afigya Kwabre North Constituency

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