Please can JOHN Mahama or any member of the NDC closer to HIM help me answer these questions


Please can JOHN Mahama or any member of the NDC closer to HIM help me answer these questions

1. During Mahama’s administration, the NDC said, there is NO MONEY to recruit workers so for close to 4yrs there wasn’t recruitment

Q- now that Mahama is promising recruitment, have he seen money in the system now.

2. Free SHS is expensive, we can’t do it now, it should be progressive.

Q- now that Mahama is saying he won’t cancel free SHS but will review it. Is there now money in the system to maintain the free SHS policy or he will review it back to the Gh¢38 per a day student progressively free education.

3. There wasn’t money in the system so you couldn’t pay BECE and WASSCE registration fees for students.

Q- Now that the NPP government under the stewardship of H.E. Nana Addo Danquah is paying, will you cancel it if voted to power or will continue paying and with what money.

4. Under Mahama’s stewardship, we hard the famous we will not buy you chalk. I remember very well because I was at Eastern region then. Am sure there wasn’t money in the system that’s why you couldn’t get teachers the needed teaching and learning materials (TLMs) even though is a necessity in the teaching and learning environment.

Q- please since Mahama want to come back, is there money in the system now to purchase TLMs to aid teaching and learning in the country.

5. Lecturers BOOKS and RESEARCH ALLOWANCE was cancelled under the watch of Mahama and of course it was due to the fact that the meat had been chewed with only bones remaining. Am even sure the babies with sharp teeth had by that time chewed the bones as well.

Q- please, is Mahama coming back to continue the payment as is being done under the stewardship of H.E Nana Addo or he will cancel it again because the y3ntie obiaa syndrome is still in him?

6. My fellow teachers, please I do not intend to remember you of your nightmare, I just need some answers from Mahama and the NDC so that I can vote wisely. Mr. Mahama under your leadership, teachers experienced their worst treatment with your famous 3month arrears payment. Some teachers worked for two years without pay but you paid only 3mths out of 24mnths of their salary and it was due to the no money in the system syndrome.

Q- I want to ask ooo, since this government have reinstituted the salary arrears payback system, are you coming to send us back to the 3mth salary arrears system or you are going to maintain what Nana Addo is implementing now and with what money?.

7. H. E Nana Addo have instituted ghc1200 professional teachers allowance which is likely to hit teachers account August ending.

Q- there was no money during your time as president. Sir will you maintain it and pay regularly or you will cancel it. If you will maintain it, with which money?

8. Teachers car maintenance allowance of GH¢40 was cancelled by you because there was no money in the system. It is almost restored after signatories are put on the new teachers working conditions documents under this Nana Addo’s government.

Q- please is Mahama going to cancel it again or maintain what Nana Addo is implementing now and with which money.

9. Nana Addo implemented the NABCO programs so that graduates will get the needed experience that is always a requirement before companies recruit workers. These people are placed on gh¢700 monthly allowance. 100,000 graduates have been employed so far with several applications also pending.

Q- Sir, are you going to cancel the NABCO program to send the over 100,000 personnels home or you are going to maintain it and with which money. Remember there’s no money in the system.

10. Mr. Mahama, you cancelled the Academic and Residential Facility User fee, which brought about increment in Hall and hostel fees in our Tertiary Institutions. This was a burden to parents and students.

Q- Sir, now that you have learnt from your mistakes, are you going to pay the ARFUF or still naaa, dead goat syndrome or we should go to Benin.


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