Pay brainy doctors, herbalists to find cure for Coronavirus – KSM to govt


Wouldn’t it be great if we finance our top brainy doctors and renowned herbalists to team up to find a cure for this virus?

This was the submission of veteran actor and satirist Kweku Sintim Misa, known by many as KSM.

Amidst the panic, confusion and debate about the magnitude and severity of the coronavirus, KSM advocated that government sets up a concerted specific joint team made up solely of top levelled doctors and renowned, potent herbalists to generate a much-needed remedy for the fast-spreading disease which has hit the pandemic level across the globe.

Despite describing his assertions as a “crazy imagination”, KSM noted that he had a “strong feeling that some roots and herbs can fight the plague.”

“Yes, We Can. I swear, let’s do this!” part of his tweet read.

Mr Sintim Misa’s call adds up to the growing number of concerns raised by some stakeholders to give a shot at herbal medicine in finding the cure for the disease.

President Akufo-Addo on Wednesday, March 11 announced that government had allocated the equivalence of 100 million dollars to aid in the fight and spread of the coronavirus.

Government announced Sunday, while updating the country on the state of the Coronavirus that, there have been 4 more confirmed cases. Bringing to total six cases in space of 4 days in Ghana.

Briefing the public in a short address at the Information Ministry, Director of Public Health at Ghana Health Service, Dr. Badu Sarkodie disclosed that 2 more cases were confirmed on Friday, March 13, 2020 – one from the Ashanti Region and the other from the Greater Accra Region.

“The first is a 56-year-old Ghanaian who returned from a trip in the United Kingdom on the 4th of March. He stayed in the UK for 10 days. He developed symptoms on the 12th of March and reported to a health facility in Obuasi,” he stated, adding that results returned positive when his blood samples were tested at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research.

The second, he noted, is a woman, and a student of the University of Ghana who travelled to the USA stayed there for about 10 days and returned to Ghana on the 10th of March.

On the 13th of March, she started showing symptoms that later were confirmed to be compatible with the suspected case of COVID-19.

Samples were taken, taken to Noguchi Memorial Medical Research Institute and emerged positive.

The fifth and sixth cases were recorded late Saturday afternoon, from the Noguchi Memorial Medical Research.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa


Pardon my CRAZY IMAGINATION. Wouldn’t it be great if we finance our top BRAINY Doctors and RENOWNED herbalists to team up to find a cure for this virus. I have a strong feeling that some ROOTS and HERBS can fight this shit. YES WE CAN. I swear🙏🏿🙏🏿 LETS DO THIS!



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