Parliamentary ex-gratia must be immediately scrapped


Parliamentary ex-gratia must be immediately scrapped

The Coronavirus experiences have exposed the entire world on many shortfalls. Developing countries, particularly Ghana, has been greatly exposed on many governance lapses which could/ should have been prevented.
GALAMSAY should NOW be given more attention since the COVID-19 experiences have prompted the country on the need to be committedly responsible for everything of the country. Greedy and selfish citizens and foreigners who are involved must be dealt with patriotic attention but not partisan and other social favouritism.

The parliamentary ex-gratia, which is definitely one of the major enticing reasons for MOST OF THE MPs must be scrapped since the unacceptably unfair treatment has not helped the country. The ex-gratia is a major factor for the open Parliamentary primaries briberies. Government and political parties, notably NPP and NDC, are challenged to come together to decisively review the practice and see if the unattractive rush for parliamentary positions would be experienced again. Ghana’s parliamentary institution is gradually but dangerously drifting into an unacceptable level of performance

Government should review the institutional functionabilities to curb both institutional and individual corruptions since the aftermath imparts of the Coronavirus need serious current and future attention. Political, economic, socio-cultural situations are really going to be unbearable.

Already existing laws of Ghana must be given complete enforcement.

Nationally consituted Civic Education delivered through and by the NCCE should be given strong attention to create the necessary and/ but long missing attention. NCCE’s operations should be reviewed to give effective attention to both logistical and human capital attention of the institution.

The era where governance relied on foreign aids and worshipped people of white colour should be reconsidered. Ghana is one of the most favoured and favourable countries in the world in terms of natural resources including fertile lands, rivers, forests. Ghana’s governance system should now consider internally generated revenue more than relying on the usual la la su la la.

Thank you,

Teacher Koo Pong


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