Paramount Chief of Oguaa Traditional Council throws caution to youth of Anafo, Cape Coast


The paramount chief of the Oguaa Traditional area, Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, has called on the natives of Anafo, a suburb of Cape Coast not to cause any havoc but rather give the contractors who are currently working on the new Anafo market a very conducive atmosphere to work.

Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II was addressing the natives of the Oguaa Traditional Area also referred to as Cape Coast to create a conducive atmosphere that would enable the contractors to work effectively.

According to the paramount chief, he indicated that any unnecessary action or activity that would delay the entire work which has been scheduled to be completed within 12 months by the Fine Job Construction Company, would not augur well for the city.

“This project would not end here at Anafo, it would also extend to Abura, in fact one of my chiefs has just whispered into my ears that, this magnanimous market must have its equivalence at Effutu. We are happy though that this project was ear marked in Oguaa. Very soon, official work shall commence. However, I am pleading with my subjects that we shouldn’t go and cause any mayhem or get ourselves involved in any unscrupulous activity that would delay their work. Remember, they have barely 12 weeks to complete the project. If at the end of the day, they are unable to complete successfully, we would be the same persons to castigate them for their failure” he said in Fante.

He however added that if there were any grave concerns that anyone would need further assistance or clarification on, it would be prudent, they channeled all of such complaints to the office of the Metropolitan Chief Executive of the Cape Coast metropolis, Hon. Ernest Arthur in order for him to attend to their worries concerning the project.

He therefore pleaded that as they (contractors) would be using heavy machinery, it would be expedient if the residents mo
ved entirely away from the construction site, to prevent any casualty.
“If there any misgivings concerning this entire project, kindly relay all such issues to the office of the Metropolitan Chief Executive, Mayor 1, Hon. Ernest Arthur so he addresses such concerns. Moreover, they would be working with heavy machines, hence it would be expedient that all and sundry moved away from the site as you have been given temporary shelter so no casualty is recorded especially with regards to children” he cautioned.

The Anafo market project is set to accelerate the socio-economic development of the people of Cape Coast with the Authority’s focus on community specific projects.

The entire project forms part of the core duties of the CDA in providing fundamental infrastructural development at the various constituency levels through the Infrastructural for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP).

Her excellency, the first lady Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo- Addo today cut the sod and put the axe to the ground for the official commencement of the 8.6 million Ghana cedis project which is estimated to be completed in twelve months’ time.


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