Over my dead body will gays, lesbians’ conference happen in Ghana – Lawyer Foh Amoaning vows


Tireless anti-gay rights campaigner Lawyer Moses Foh-Amoaning has stated that it would be over his dead body will Pan Africa International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association hold its 5th Regional Conference scheduled for 27 – 31 July 2020 in Accra, Ghana

He has subsequently made an appeal to the government of Ghana not to issue visas to organizers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ).

Moses Foh-Amoaning, who leads the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, an NGO against the LGBTIQ rights, as its Executive Director, urged government to take appropriate steps government has to ensure that activities of LGBTIQ do not take place in the country.

A group, Pan Africa ILGA, recognised in South Africa, has outlined some activities for its 5th Regional Conference scheduled to take place in Accra from July 27 to 31, 2020 under the theme “Sankofa: Looking back to our roots – Reclaiming our right.”

But Mr Amoaning maintains that since gay rights are outlawed in Ghana, they have no right whatsoever to organise such a conference in the country.

“We will also issue a statement to the South African government – because we hear they are based in South Africa – that they cannot misuse our national motives. You are even insulting us, by using ‘Sankofa’.

“It is illegal in Ghana. How can you have such a conference here in Ghana? It will not happen, trust me. In 2001 they said it will happen but did it happen? Even in those days, we were not organised. What makes you think now that we are organised, they can have it done when you know that the law prohibits it? You cannot promote it,” Mr Amoaning stressed.

He added that no matter who is backing the group to hold the conference in the country, the conference will not take place.

“We want to know their collaborators here in Ghana. There are some in the media involved in it and have been paid to talk. There are some politicians who are also backing them, some close to power and others in opposition… But to say that they are going to hold a conference, it will not happen.”

Ghanaians have largely kicked against gay rights in the country pointing often to our values as a people that abhor such practices.


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