Election is a process and not an event. Series of activities occur in the build up process.
The Electoral Commission is having a constitutional mandate to deliver credible election. The EC cannot for any reason compromise on this mandate.

No one can begrudge the institution if they think a new register will help in achieving that feet. The effect of a compromise by EC can be far devastating than Covid….

I see many people blaming EC for doing the right and reasonable thing under the law. The only way we can insulate ourselves from the dangers of covid 19 in relation to election is actually to postpone the election and not stop the voter registration.

The Registration Exercise only kick starts a series of events and one of the safest in this series is actually the registration. We have nearly 40 days to register about 16 million people. After Registration, there will be exhibition exercise, where the 16 million registered Ghanaians will have to confirm their names in the register and that will be done in about a week. ( With or Without a new register, this process cannot be ignored. Throughout this period, there will be political activities we can’t prevent. Primaries, Campaigning etc and then there’s the big one where the 16 million Ghanaians will be expected to come out and vote in just about 10 hours. There’s also the possibility of runoff, which will mean this event will have to be replicated. There’s also the jubilation and celebrations that follow victory and almost impossibly, we cannot stop it. So really, amidst Covid 19, our greatest fear shouldn’t be Voter Registration, but the Election itself. Thehe registration is only necessary because of elections and if we do away with the election, then the registration wouldn’t be needed.

If we are all serious about this coronavirus and the threat it poses, then we should call for the elections to be postponed. I’m very much aware of the constitutional challenge it brings, but I’m happy to accept that than deal with the health implications.

Not really sure if the science that guided the president to direct churches to meet only an hour with not more than 100 people regardless the size of your church is any different from the science that gives us to right to gather over 400 strangers for about 10 hours everyday continuously for about 40 days.

I think we should all join forces to call for no elections this year and this will reduce significantly the risk involved in contracting coronavirus

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