Ouch, President Trump is Making a Joke of the American Democracy


America is the mother of all democracies. Many a country in the world looks up to America to emulate them when it comes to practising multiparty or two-party democracy. Again, America  without the consent of the world has made itself the police of the world when it comes to ensuring that democracy is practised in any country, especially in African and third world countries where authoritarianism abounds.

Democracies believe in the purity of elections. Therefore, the actions of the sitting American president, Mr Donald Trump, is nothing glorious to write home about, in regard to the American 2020 presidential election. Prior to the election, he firmly insisted that he would not accept the results of any fraud election, thus, implying that if the election does not go in his favour. He is seen to be vociferously slandering the American 2020 presidential election as the odds currently seem to be against him.

If it is not him, then it should not be anyone else. This is selfishness. He did it in 2016 and he is doing same in 2020. He does not care about the repercussions of his actions to both the United States of America (USA) and the rest of the world.

Can the USA step in to accuse any nation of being undemocratic hence sending their military over to deal with such nations considering what is going on in America with regard to the hullabaloo about their presidential election 2020, the ballots of which are still counting as at writing?

I hope Ghana will not be found in same situation on 7 December 2020 when the nation goes for her general elections. Although former President John Dramani Mahama is behaving same as President Donald Trump, threatening not to accept the results, Ghana will not go down the gutters as the United States of America is currently seen to be doing.

America, please salvage your democratic image now, before it is too late! Don’t yield in to the selfish demands by President Trump who may be about to lose the election.

Rockson Adofo


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