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The Environmental and Mining Policy Institute (EMPI) by this statement is giving the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Kumasi – Osei Assibey-Antwi, seven days ultimatum to either find the developer who bulldozed a parcel of land bothering the Subin River in the heart of the Kumasi city suburb – Danyame or resign.

In an interview to Ultimate Radio in the city as carried by Ghana Web Online News Portal ( on Tuesday 3rd March, 2020, the MCE publicly admitted that the city headed by him do not know the developer who for about 6-hours flattened the sizeable green vegetation in that broad day light.

Residents of Danyame in the Nhyiaeso Constituency of the Ashanti region woke up last weekend ending 1st March 2020 to find huge earthmoving machines for hours ‘hewing’ down trees and bushes on the said parcel of land in the centre of the metropolis.

“Last 3 weeks, in fact, it came to my notice that the developer wanted to start operations and by the time I realized, his machine was there. I even called the Regional Commander, who by his own assistance provided men who went there to clear the people from there. Unfortunately, when we were all busy assisting the king of the land to mourn Nana Barima Akwasi Agyemang, at our blind side, the developer went and cleared the area.”

EMPI finds his statement regrettable, irresponsible and incompetent. We however contend that, such a public pronouncement by him denigrate the cherished mayoral office of Kumasi and injures the very honourable office he so esteemed occupies.

The heavily vegetated land which borders the Subin River has for years played a major role in checking perennial flooding during heavy downpours.

The mayor together with the Regional Minister have a vibrant security apparatus of police and military personnel at their disposal and as such EMPI do not comprehend why he could not utilised same to uncover the perpetrator of such heinous environmental crime but rather playing ostrich by his demeanour.

He further mentioned, “Efforts are being made to make sure that we get whoever is behind it. I have contacted the Regional Lands Department, the officer in charge has no idea about it, I have also spoken to the Land and Special Use, they too have not given that guy any document that will warrant him to be on the land to work and at KMA too, since I am the Chair, we’ve also not signed for the developer any permit; so he has actually offended the city.”

EMPI is urging the mayor to blow the cover of the developer who has committed this dastardly and illegal act within the stipulated time frame or we found him complicit and rather points our fingers pointedly at him and his cohorts.

Environmental crimes like this one not only affects the living but the unborn generations as it has a direct influence on climate change resulting in global warming that threatens the existence of mankind. Such actions should not just be swept under the carpet and goes unpunished as the mayor by his conduct and utterances seems to suggest.

Kwaku Boateng
EMPI President


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