NPP Primaries: Money has no reign in new Juaben South elections – Okyere Baafi


Aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) New Juaben South Constituency, Michael Okyere Baafi says money will not win any aspiring parliamentary candidate the elections at the Primaries.

According to him, history from the constituency shows that money does not reign in politics at the New Juabeng South Constituency. Investor

The New Juaben South Constituency is one the constituencies that will be fiercely contested between the incumbent Dr. Mark Assibey-Yeboah who is the Chairman of Parliament’s Finance Committee and Michael Okyere Baafi.

Speaking to Class FM, Mr. Okyere Baafi who is the CEO of the Ghana Free Zones Authority said “I don’t believe that politics is all about money, it is important in politics but it is not all about money especially with regards to Koforidua New Juaben South politics.”

“New Juaben South Constituency, money has no reign or has ever triumph in politics, it has never happened”, he added.

Chronicling past elections, he said: “When Honorable Yaw Barimah who was our first MP in this republic was contesting Madam BB Boateng, she unseated Yaw Barimah; Barimah paid more than her but BB Boateng won the elections.

“When Mark-Assibey Yeboah was contesting BB Boateng, BB Boateng paid more than Assibey-Yeboah but Mark Assibey-Yeboah won the elections, so it’s not part of our politics. What is important is the politicians who are there for the people.”

“For me I don’t believe money wins elections, I believe what wins elections is relationships”, he emphasised.


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