NPP jabs NDC over attacks on Hajia Alima


The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has accused the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of always peddling falsehood on issues in the fight against coronavirus

According to the NPP, it is an indisputable fact that the NDC and lies are conjoined twins and that separating one from the other is extremely impossible.

Reacting to claims that some appointees including the Minister of Local Government Hajia Alima Mahama are insensitive to the plight of residents of the North East Region in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Regional Secretary Sulley Sambian who referred the matter to the party’s communications disclosed that he is fed up responding to the increasing lies of the umbrella family.

Regional Communications Officer, Walibe Amos however accused the NDC of issuing a press statement to accuse the Regional Minister out of ignorance when they could simply verify facts to abreast themselves with happenings.

“We wish to admonish our colleagues in the NDC to allow truth and sincerity to lead their political dealings. Ghanaians are no longer in dark like was the case during the Rawlings era where NDC capitalized on the ‘‘darkness’’ of the country to swindle the citizenry for political power. The fact that the NDC is now struggling to maintain just 50% of seats in northern Ghana where they hitherto enjoyed monopoly should be enough to let them know that they swindled Ghanaians with lies and propaganda to win political power in the past”, he said.

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According to the NDC’s statement, that they were calling on the North East Regional minister and the minister for Local Government and Rural Development to stop their power play and exhibit calmness and modesty in their dealings as far as the war against the COVID-19 was concerned. This is a bizarre statement to make, to say the least. What power play have these distinguished personalities been engaged in? Has anybody’s offer of support of any kind been rejected by these people? Has any citizen of the region been stopped by these people from carrying out any lawful activity aimed at fighting the pandemic?

The NPP in the North East Region is challenging Mr Imoro Abdul-Razak and the NDC to clarify to the public how the minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Hajia Alima Mahama sought to take credit for the disinfections of the markets in the North East Region. Why does the NDC hate this woman that much? Does the NDC hate Hon. Hajia Alima Mahama because she has chosen not to sleep over her job and is rather championing development across the length and breadth of the region? The vehicles that undertook the disinfection exercise were branded in Ghana colours and the logos of the Local Government ministry. So how on earth will one seek to suggest that an individual sought to take credit for such a national exercise, if not for the fact that you hate the fellow?

The government of the New Patriotic Party in the North East Region acknowledges the ill conceived suggestions put forward by the NDC in their statement, but we wish to inform them that those suggestions have come rather too late. For instance, if the NDC is concerned about the awareness level of our people, what role is the NDC playing in that regard? We thought the NDC formed a parallel COVID-19 team to among other things champion awareness creation? Hasn’t the team’s activities been extended to the North East Region?

The NDC also talked about the insecure nature of our borders. For their information, the North East Region has only two approved borders from Togo into the region at Wanjuga in the Cheriponi district and Bunkpurugu in the Bunkpurugu/Nakpanduri district with a number of unapproved routes. But following the closure of our borders by H.E the president, the Regional Security Council has since taken steps to secure all the unapproved routes.

On 26th March 2020, the Regional Security Council led by the regional minister, Honourable Solomon Namliit Boar toured all the border towns and communities and charged the immigration service officials to ensure that no foreigner entered our region by whatever means.


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