NPP Decides: My victory will be unprecedented – Adwoa Safo


The incumbent Member of Parliament for the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency, Sarah Adwoa Safo has stated that her victory after the New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) primaries which is being held today, June 20, 2020, will be record-breaking and unmatched.

According to Adwoa Safo, she has served the people in her constituency excellently so she is confident about being given the opportunity to lead again.

“I think that my good people remember me for the long time that I have been with them. In opposition I was with them, in power, I am with them. For me, four more years for Nana, will mean, justifiably, four more for myself to complete the good work that my government has started. I believe that my win will be unprecedented. I know what I am talking about,” she said in an interview with journalists after she casted her vote.

She also added that people who think her contender, Mike Ocquaye Junior will topple her off her seat have just expressed their opinions because she is also believing in a supernatural power to give her victory.

“… That is their opinion… I am very confident that I will be victorious. I believe my people and I believe in God. I am declaring victory for myself and I am declaring glory,” she stated.

Adwoa Safo commended the poll organizers for ensuring that precautionary measures against the Coronavirus are being followed in the polling station.

“So far so good, there isn’t too much crowding, and in the midst of COVID, we want to ensure that we won’t have escalated numbers after and you can see everybody comes in, votes, and goes away. The process was very simple,” she concluded


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