The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has learned with great disappointment the reckless, dangerous and vastly unprintable ethnocentric rhetoric made last week by Mr. Henry Ameteefe, Volta Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress when he said the Government of the Republic of Ghana had “declared war” on the people of the Volta Region.

Even worse is the false and irresponsible statement by the leader of the NDC, former President John Dramani Mahama, deliberately aimed at adding more fuel to the incendiary statement of his regional Chairman.

Candidate Mahama, without any care, accuses Government of sending “troops into regions for the sole purpose of preventing them from registration” and that amounts to “declaring war on them.”
Having lost a miserable case in the Supreme Court, the intent of this typical NDC posturing is to cultivate anger amongst core supporters against the registration exercise, which begins tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30.

This is a deeply worrying, unpatriotic political strategy coming from a man, who until January 7, 2017, was the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
The NPP condemns this gross act of irresponsibility by the leader of the main opposition party to preach violent inciting ethnocentrism and expects condemnation by all peace-loving Ghanaians.
Significantly, Candidate Mahama did not find it necessary to comment on the treasonable maneuverings by a revolutionary separatist group seeking to create what they call “Western Togoland”. Yet he finds it politically expedient to add his name to that of Mr Henry Ametefe, the NDC Volta Regional Chairman, to disturb and undermine the peace and unity of the country.

Candidate Mahama cannot say that, he is not aware of government’s COVID-19 security deployment over the last three months under Executive Instrument 64 (EI 64) as amended. Widespread violations of the border closure orders led to the instant further deployments. The NDC had no issue with it until now that there is voter registration about to take place.

In shameless support of their falsehood, the NDC has published a five-year old footage of police clearing cane basket weavers from a street in Accra under John Mahama’s presidency, passing it off as the military brutalizing the people of Ketu South last week.

The NPP rejects ethnocentrism, divisiveness, and the raw exploitation of Ghanaians’ ethnic sensitivities; it is not our politics to play dangerously on the people’s emotions. As such, we invite all Ghanaians especially, the good people of the Volta Region, to disregard and treat with contempt the unproductive claims of the NDC leader, John Mahama and his regional Chairman.

We remain one interconnected country and people. What affects the Volta Region affects the rest of the country, and what affects the rest of the country affects the Volta Region. This is a fact, and the earlier the NDC wakes up to this reality, the better.

May God continue to bless our homeland Ghana.

Yaw Buaben Asamoa
(Director of Communications)


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