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NPP Are “Failures” For Comparing Themselves To NDC – CPP Activist

Deputy Communications Director for the Convention People’s Party [CPP], Benjamin Nsiah, wants members of the ruling government to see themselves as failures for comparing themselves to the previous administration.

To him, once the John Dramani Mahama administration was kicked out of office for non-performance, it defies logic that the NPP considers its predecessors as their standard of measuring rod for success.

“ . . My worry in this country currently is that when it comes to Ghana’s history and world economic standards, NDC is no where compared to any form of economic standard during their term of governance, therefore NPP becomes a failure when they compare themselves to NDC and it is time Ghanaians show them the exit too,” he said.

Making reference to the ruling government’s town hall meeting on UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ political newspaper discussion show, the CPP Communicator, while commending the Vice President for his data-based economic statistics, asked how in reality the economic figures have impacted the lives of Ghanaians.

It is the best that figures are shown to show how far the economy is growing but the impact of the figures to the ordinary Ghanaian is the most important aspect needed,” he indicated.

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