‘NO’ Must be the Result of the Upcoming Referendum in Ghana – Prof. Kwarteng Addo, UK Writes.

‘NO’ Must be the Result of the Upcoming Referendum in Ghana – Prof. Kwarteng Addo, UK Writes.

Drawing closer to the proposed referendum in Ghana to amend the entrenched Article 55 (3) of the national constitution, in order to elect the MMDCEs on partisan basis, a lot of prominent figures have started reasoning out, many have openly kicked against the idea of electing the MMDCEs, especially on partisan lines.

Against all the good reasons given by many Ghanaians to vote in the referendum, the government is still very adamant in going ahead to sponsor the referendum on 17th December 2019.

From all indications, the result of the referendum would be ‘NO’, giving deep consideration to the number of eye-catching Ghanaians who have openly vowed to vote NO against, and many others who have akso secretly indicated that they will vote against the idea.

If I am to advice the President    of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo today, I would say that, His Excellency should use his prerogative power to cancel the upcoming Referendum to avoid a possible colossal embarrassment to His government since the No votes voices seems to be winning the argument or better still, His Excellency’s Presidency can keep the noise on the ‘Yes Votes’ down so that the majority of Ghanaians fail to pass the amendment of the entrenched article of the 1992 constitution.

I read the Chamber for Local Governance (ChaLoG) statement yesterday, which speaks fiercely against the impending introduction of partisanship into Ghana’s local governance system.

According Ghana News Agency report, the ChaLoG statement was collectively signed by Dr. Richard Fiadomor, President; Mr Romeo Akahoho, Executive Secretary; Alhaji Ibrahim F. Faila, Public Relations Officer; and Mr Joshua Quist, Special Duties, calling on Ghanaians to vote No in the upcoming Referendum to ensure that the local government system remained non-partisan.

I totally agree with most of the reasons given by the association and others. The association’s argument is that, they have noted that Ghana is not ready for the introduction of fully blown partisan politics at the local government level, which they added that, “a Yes vote would have dire consequences including; increase in corruption.”

Now, considering all the reasons opined by many, my exclusive vote, will be for ‘NO’ as well, to reduce the political chaos in Ghana all year round.

Prof. Kwarteng Addo, Adjunct Political Science Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK.