No More Fake Love: Dan Abodakpi Advices VOLTARIANS To Reject NDC Tribal Politics


Dan Abodakpi writes;

Abodakpi a Ghanaian Politician and a member of the Fourth Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana representing the Keta Constituency in the Volta Region. He served as the forme Minister of Trade and Industry.


I have been following the news about the tribal politics being generated by those who should have known better, trying to show fake love for we VOLTARIANS, this is an insult to the EWE communities.

I want to advise my fellow VOLTARIANS that they should check and ask themselves have any military officer refused them from registering for their voter’s ID card? We can’t go on with this needless tribal politics.

– Tribal politics doesn’t pay Shs school fees.

– Tribal politics doesn’t pay my light bills as well as my water bills.

– Tribal politics doesn’t put food on our table.

2020 is not about showing fake love to the EWES but it’s about records, so those crying for the EWES now, how many of the EWES are on the top leadership of their parties?


Thank you…


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