NLC and UP Roots of NDC. NLC Roots. – Explo Nani Kofi


NLC and UP Roots of NDC. NLC Roots. – Explo Nani Kofi

The founder of the NDC is Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings. On 5th June 1981, he declared at a June 4 Movement rally at Accra Community Centre that his political hero is Kotoka who led the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah’s government and therefore founder of the NLC. Is it true that in his youth he was close with J.W.K. Harlley, Kotoka’s co-plotter?
UP Roots.
When the NDC was formed in 1992, its national chairman was A. A. Munufie who was K. A. Busia’s Minister for Rural Development. Its Parliamentary Leader was J.H. Owusu Acheampong, UP student leader at KNUST who campaigned and organized subversively against Kwame Nkrumah in the university. Its Speaker of Parliament was D.F. Annan, a self-confessed Danquah-Busiaist.
Until the reins have been passed on a younger generation who mught have had earlier attachment with political parties before the 4th Republic, all chairmen of the NDC came from parties of the UP tradition. They are Alhaji Iddrissu Mahama, UNC, UP tradition party in the 3rd Republic; Obed Asamoah, UNC, UP tradition party in the 3rd Republic; Kwabena Adjei, PFP, UP tradition party led by Victor Owusu in the 3rd Republic.
Why are some dishonestly attempting to hide these facts so that it will not be clear that both of the two main political parties in Ghana are from the UP tradition?
[5/7, 11:12] Jacob Yeboah: You are right. NDC is made up of root of UP tradition, NLC and those CPP die-hard members who later had problems with Nkrumah. K. A. GBEDEMAH, who fell out with Nkrumah in 1961 and went into exile formed the National Alliance of Liberals (NAL) during the 2nd Republic elections which Obed Yao Asamoah and Samuel A. Okudzeto were members
That was why most work of Nkrumah was left in the Bush to rot. The young ones did not know much about this until Kyirabosom on Fire TV began showing these.

As a Nation we refused to honor the 1st President in his death because of jealousy, envy, holy-sinners character, endemic corrupt and above all Political Partisan stupidity against out common good.
We need to correct history perniciousness to set the country on the right path.
Nkrumah was not a Saint, but those who because of over ambition became oppriobriously corrupt had problem with Nkrumah.
Nkrumah personally was not corrupt but the CPP as a party became unduly corrupt in the eyes of that generation due to high moral values of the 1st Republic generation.
Ghana needs a generation with nationalistic mindset.


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