NIA implements social distancing at registration centres


The National Identification Authority (NIA) has implemented social distancing, one of the precautionary measures announced by the government to combat the spread of the Coronavirus in communities.

As part of measures to curb the spread of the virus, following confirmation of cases in Ghana, the government earlier in the week announced a ban on all large public gatherings.

Other precautionary measures announced by the government included social distancing in communities and other public places.

Some critics have questioned the continuous activities of the NIA, raising concerns that there are too many contacts at their registration centres for the Ghana card.

The NIA has now adopted the social distance measure, which leaves significant meters between people at registration centres to ensure there is no physical contact.

The social distancing measure taken by the NIA is both for people waiting to be served and those who are being served by staff of the NIA.

The adoption of the social distancing measure will also ensure that the required space advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is created between people to minimize the effect of a sudden cough or sneeze.

Social distancing has been strongly recommended at communities, offices, homes and public places such as the DVLA, registrar general, passport offices, etc., where daily services are rendered.



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