NIA calls for calm amid Ghana Card registration challenges

The National Identification Authority (NIA) is urging patience from Ghanaians amid the early challenges in the Ghana Card registration process.

Speaking on Citi TV’s The Point of View, Head of Corporate Affairs of the NIA, ACI Francis Palmdetti assured that they are “working around the clock” to make the process smoother.

He noted for example that adjudication processes, where checks are made against fraud, are contributing to the delays.

“You have quite a number of records in adjudication and it’s because you have a situation where in 2008, you had Ghanaians and foreigners all registered.”

“…In some cases where the card hasn’t been issued, somebody who registered as a foreigner in that old database now comes forward providing information suggesting he or she is a Ghanaian without the due certificate of registration or naturalisation,” Mr. Palmdetti explained.

Because the “adjudication is on a case by case basis,” he pleaded with Ghanaians to bear with the officials.

Mr. Palmdetti also suggested there was an overload of citizens at some centres.

“We think that the equipment in the field is adequate. What we are observing is that people are eager to get the card. The enthusiasm is very high. The stakes are very high so you have a lot of people coming extremely early thinking that when they come later than that, they cannot register.”

Reports indicated that some members of the public usually visit the centres to register for their Ghana Cards as early as 12:30 am.

Some members of the public complained about long queues, despite arriving early.

The NIA began the mass registration exercise on April 29 following the completion of the pilot phase.

The registration in the Greater Accra Region is expected to end on July 6.