NHIS already offers free primary healthcare, John Mahama is really the problem?


NHIS already offers free primary healthcare, John Mahama is really the problem?

Free primary healthcare already exists under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

At the inauguration of Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, Mr John Dramani Mahama said: “Ladies and gentlemen, as a social democratic party, we seek to harness the best qualities in all our people to transform the destiny of our nation”.

“In that direction, and as the fulcrum around which our health policy will evolve, we will before the end of 2021, introduce and begin the implementation of a Free Primary Healthcare Plan”,

“This will make the provision of primary healthcare to all Ghanaians, young and elderly, free”.

“Our free healthcare plan will guarantee a healthy people and provide the healthy workforce needed to accelerate our development”, he added.

What is free primary healthcare?

We already have the National Health Insurance Scheme which covers all primary healthcare activities, it covers secondary care and some tertiary care.

If you subscribe to the NHIS, you don’t pay anything for healthcare, so, I don’t know what John Mahama is talking about when he says free primary healthcare.

Primary healthcare activities in Ghana are covered by health insurance and for that matter, once you’re holding a health insurance card, you don’t pay anything at the point of care, so, it’s covered and, therefore, it is the same thing as free”.

Children going for weighing and immunisation, ante-natal care, child welfare; treatment of malaria, minor accidents, coughing, respiratory tract infections, diabetes and hypertension among others

All these are things that are covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme”,

In fact, John Mahama has a lot to learn and his advisors are part of his problems.


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