Dear NJSC delegates,

As the NPP primaries is imminent, let’s ponder over these questions, and ask the MP whenever we get the chance.

1. Mr. MP over your 8 years mandate can you please adumbrate some initiatives you can boldly say have change lifes?

In some constituencies, we see MPs donating and supporting younger ones with Taxis, sewing machines, capital to pursue artisanal work and so on. As a form of personal and social development, can you please tell us what sort of personal and social development you have pursued so far?

2. Mr. MP your contender in the upcoming parliamentary race is well known to be helpful in the constituency. Assisting people to acquire jobs, assistance for further studies both local and abroad, helping artisans to expand their work, just to mention a few.
Can you please boast of doing this within your last 8 years in office?

3. Mr. MP you will bear with me that parliamentary duty is not only in Accra ie. the chamber of parliament but also it behoves you to assist your constituency in terms of developmental needs.

4. Also you will also bear with me that, individuals reposed their trust in you by voting for you to represent them hence you have no excuse to repudiate such individuals.

And so Mr. MP, please over your last 8 years in office, can you please say that you have really acknowledged these individuals by helping them in diverse ways.

New Juaben South Constituency is in dire straits when it comes to social and personal development. Hence the need for change.

Let’s give the nod to Mr. Michael Okyere Baafi

MOB 2020