NDC WHY ? We feel threatened by Ato Forson’s Many mecho men- Ajumako Old women cry.


We feel threatened by Ato Forson’s Many mecho men- Ajumako Old women cry.

“We are not safe in our own communities anymore as we see more than fifty armed, built men here each day with our MP ” Maame Ewusiwaa cried.
The people of Enyan have raised concerns about the number of times Mechomen storm registration centres anytime the member of parliament visited them. She describe the situation as threatening and worrying since children,the aged had to run into their homes at the sight of those heavily built men of the MP. Recounting his ordeal, Opanyin Kuma revealed how he run into the bushes one afternoon while returning from his farms. “It was like a war film. How their cars sped with the men holding chains and visible guns in their trousers”.
He continued “look at the nature of our road, very dusty. The dust rise like smoke, covering the entire town. Visibility becomes poor. I pray my community folks or I don’t go blind or get any respiratory disease” he concluded.

Our background check indicated the honourable MP had told the chief and people of Enyan at a durbar that he had fully paid for the construction of all roads in the enclave. After his government lost power in 2016 , honourable Ato Forson abondoned the roads and accused the New Patriotic Party for sacking contractors working on a stretch of it from Enyan Abaasa to Nsaawaadzi. This had left the road dusty.

At another instance, our encounter with Sister Ayisha Felicia, a fishmonger, confirmed Maame Ewusiwaa’s concerns raised earlier that one had to gather courage before venturing a registration center. According to her, mostly there were more Mechomen of the MP than the number of registrants at a center. She cited a moment where she had to keep her kids under strict care, fearing a fight or brutalities that may engulf the town.
Since the registration started there has been countless incidents ranging busing of non residents, physical abuse of party agents and influx of unprofessional armed security persons all over Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency.

Mr. Anobil quizzed what would happen in their towns during the election proper because what there were witnessing gave clue to likely future developments

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