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NDC supporters are begging for EC jobs – Akpaloo alleges

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is asking some members of the party to apply to become officials of the Electoral Commission (EC) for the impending new voters’ registration exercise, Kofi Akpaloo, founder and leader of the Liberal Party, has alleged.

Mr Akpaloo claims he can identify these NDC supporters who besiege the EC’s office daily in order to be part of the registration exercise.

The NDC has vehemently opposed the compilation of the new register saying the timing is wrong for the elections management body to do so.

Speaking on the decision by the EC to compile a new register on Dwabirem on CTV on Tuesday, 10 February 2020, Mr Akpaloo said a new register for the elections is a must because the current one is unfit.

“I see NDC boys storming the EC office for jobs in the compilation of a new register. They all know me, so when they see me, they call me Honourable. I’m a politician and I’ve done this for long so I know the people who support party A or party B. A lot of the NDC guys are being sent by the party to the EC’s office in search for jobs during the registration exercise,” he stated.

Making a case for a new register, Mr Akpaloo said 10 regions in Ghana have unique codes on the voters’ register, therefore, new codes would have to be created for the electorate in the newly created six additional regions.

He told show host Appiah Kubi that the EC cannot use the code of the Volta region for residents of Oti Region because the latter is a new region and must be given a unique code.

“I will go to court and to place an injunction on the 2020 elections if the EC doesn’t compile a new register because the creation of the new regions alone makes it compulsory for a new register to be compiled,” he said.

He added: “All the regions have unique codes and so you cannot use Western region code for Ahafo or Volta region code for Oti, that will be illegal.”


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