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NDC strongholds have abandoned the party because of our good works – Ursula Owusu

Minister for Communication, Ursula Owusu has posited that strongholds of the opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC) have severed their ties with the party.

According to her, the developmental work and inclusive agenda of the ruling government has seen these strongholds changing their minds on their voting pattern.

“They have realised that the worst NPP administration is better than the best NDC administration”, she told Akosua Manu, host of the Hard Facts political show on Happy 98.9 FM.

Citing a typical pro-NDC community which has turned and is now throwing its support behind the NPP she stated, “The Tunga community in my constituency is one of the areas which over the years has consistently voted for the NDC. But this time around, they have decided to vote for the NPP”.

The Minister who was once an MP in opposition noted that the people of Tunga have compared the development they enjoyed when she was an opposition MP, to her being an MP in power. And have agreed that they have seen better times in the latter. Hence, “their decision to vote for us come election 2020”.

“If you have colleagues in the Ministries, they make a great difference. I am telling them to vote for the NPP to enjoy better times”, she reiterated.

On her authority, the people of Tunga believe one good term deserves another and have turned away from the NDC.

“We will win at the December 7 polls and President Akufo-Addo will be in office for a second term”, she declared.


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