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NDC Manufactured Email To HSB In Thier Room- Atick Mohammmed

A leading member of the People’s National Convention, Atik Mohammed has challenged the authenticity of an email the Interparty Resistance Against New Register (IRANR) claims to have sent to HSB to ascertain whether the BVR equipment they supplied to Ghana are obsolete.

In an interview monitored by, Mr. Mohammed emphatically stated on Peace FM that the email from IRANR to HSB was manufactured in the room of the National Democratic Congress.

On the 1st of January 2020, the General Secretary of the NDC and a member of IRANR, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, told pressmen that “we sent an email to HSB Identification BV of Holland, the manufacturers of the current BVR equipment, seeking answers on whether or not the BVR equipment they supplied Ghana are obsolete; and whether or not the current BVRs can be upgraded to include facial recognition.

In a response to the email dated 2nd January 2020, Mr. Asiedu Nketiah revealed that Mr. Marcel Boogaard of HSB Identification B.V. indicated to them that the current BVRs are not obsolete.

However Mr. Atik Mohammed noted that the “NDC sat in their room and typed the document” and urged the public not to buy into the deception the group were championing.

Atik Mohammed also wondered why the IRANR group were constantly “shifting the goal post”.

He explained that the group used to kick against the EC’s decision to compile a fresh register with religious argument but have now abandoned it and throwing procurement accusations.



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