Let me reiterate the point that our biggest electotral threat is not the propaganda of the NDC but our own utterances against our party.

NPP’s biggest enemy is NPP. Apart from the 1992 and 1996 general elections, the NDC has never won any election on its own strength. It’s rather the NPP that has lost them.

That’s is to say, the NPP loses elections while NDC becomes the inevitable beneficiary.

In all the elections that the NPP has lost, the 1992 and 1996, the state machinery won it for the NDC. But in 2008 and 2012, the NPP lost those two due to rancour, bitterness, slandering, bickering, egoistic tendencies, vindictiveness, sabotage etc by NPP supporters against NPP supporters.

Of the NPP’s 47 percent and NDC’s 44 percent core votes, the 8 percent floating Ghanaian voters are usually comfortable voting the NPP.

Statistically anytime the NPP has lost elections in the fourth republic, the party loses significant numbers of its core votes through our own undoings. When that happens, the party also loses important votes of the floating voters when they(floating voters) get convinced to vote NDC instead due to our own utterances.

It’s therefore obvious that NDC never wins any election, but it’s the NPP that loses.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is why l am always preaching against the manifestations of insults, mendacity, naked show of power, backbiting, slandering, libelling, infighting etc. These will definitely reduce our electotral fortunes if they persist.

In this game of electoral democracy, everyone is important regardless of background or creed. In electoral democracy numbers count (not perfect number).

The vote of a medical doctor is as important as that of a begger.

Let’s respect everyone in this game of numbers cos we are equal human beings first before our profiles.

NDC is never a threat, it’s NPP that is a threat to itself.

Mr Kelly Brown

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