NDC has no single policy to debate on since 1992 – Mustapha Hamid


The Inner City and Zongo Development Minister, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid has said that the National Democratic Congress(NDC) has since 1992 not introduced a single policy to transform the lives of the people of Ghana.

According to him, in 2008, John Dramani Mahama in a speech said the government should not be voted into power because of roads, hospitals, toilet facilities because it’s the duty of a government to do so.

However, if roads and other infrastructure is taken out, the NDC cannot point to a single transformational policy it has introduced in the country.

“If you vote for a government because of roads, schools, hospitals then you have a weak mind because every government builds roads, schools, hospitals and interchanges. Ok, that’s true. So let’s agree with John Mahama that voting for people because of roads and so on is a weakness of the mind. So what then should make people vote for a government?

“What should make people vote for a government is the transformative policies that benefit every individual Ghanaian and makes use of the resources God has blessed us with. Now NDC should tell us apart from the roads and the schools, they say we should take out of the debate, what one single transforming policy that they have ever implemented ever since 1992. I just want one,” he challenged the NDC.”

The Minister noted that everything transformative in this country has been done by an NPP government citing policies such as NABCO, Planting for food and jobs, one village, one dam, free water and free electricity.

“So when they go for cabinet meetings what do they talk about? When they sit down to write manifestos what do they think about? What is the thinking that goes into their manifesto,” he quizzed while addressing party members in Walewale where he went to launch the NPP’s campaign team.


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