NDC Go on Three Days Fasting and Prayers for Election 2020 Victory Instead of Remission of Sins


Fellow Ghanaians, I have come to your homes, workplaces and wherever you happen to be tonight, Thursday, 5 November 2020, to inform you of the announcement by the NDC Communication Director Sammy Gyamfi. He said this afternoon on “Ekosii Sen” radio programme hosted by Mr Osei Bonsu, popularly called OB, that the NDC faithful are going on a three-day fasting and prayers starting from Friday, 6 November 2020, from 06:00 to 18:00 (6am to 6pm) each day until Sunday, 8 November 2020.

He said their objective is to seek the face of God for confirmation of the Election 2020 victory as predicted for them by some Ghanaian pastors and prophets. I could not cease scratching my head in wonder, asking myself if at all the NDC, are rational human beings. I would rather prefer they had embarked on that three days fasting and prayers to ask for God’s forgiveness of sins to asking for God’s favour to win Election 2020.

Are they not the very criminals who have plotted to murder, kidnap and insult innocent Ghanaians, as well as causing arsons in the country to making the country insecure for Ghanaians and ungovernable for His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his NPP government? Why would they out of the blue decide to seek the face of God now but not before deciding to wreak havoc and fatalities on the citizenry, all for their unflinching quest to win power to rule Ghana?

By the way, have they renounced their resolute determination to kill, maim or harm some Ghanaians from now until the election day? If they haven’t, then I am afraid their fasting and prayers will not reach God.

For the knowledge of the NDC, right from their clueless, incompetent, unintelligent, unwise and liar flagbearer, through Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, their National Chairman, to their NDC grassroots supportive of their hatched evil plots, let me tell them that God has already awarded the victory crown to His anointed servant, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. He has won Election 2020 already!

You cannot decide to kill the very people you desire to come to rule and still expect them to vote for you. He who does that must be out of their mind!

If NDC presidential-candidate had not been cursed to lose the upcoming election, he would not be so irresponsible to make certain infantile statements whenever he is interacting with the Ghanaian electorate on his political campaign. He talks about him and other politicians lying to the electorate to woo their heart to vote for them. He says he will tell them sweet lies if only that will convince them to vote for him. In one breath he promises to pay all the customers of the Menzgold their monies so invested in the company and in another breath, he denies promising to pay them their monies. There are numerous instances of him being inconsistent with his promises to Ghanaians. Such a person will be a total misfit in the presidency.

Sammy Gyamfi is always lying to Ghanaians and insulting not only the President but many others yet, he wants to go on a mission of fasting and prayers to win the impending election. He must be out of his mind, hence had better be out of sight

By the way, is Sammy Gyamfi a lawyer as he is often addressed or he is simply a lawyer by qualification but not by profession, thus, he does not practise law? I wonder what type of lawyer he is, or will be, if he were practising.

NDC, you had better go on fasting and prayers to beg God to forgive you the sins you have committed against Ghanaians by the money and properties you have stolen as well as the innocent souls you have directly or indirectly killed. What about the amount of lies you have told to Ghanaians to fool them?

NDC, you are just a bunch of jokers! Winning Election 2020 is a done deal for President Nana Addo and his NPP government, by the grace of God.

Four More Years for Nana to Do More!

“The battle is still the Lord’s”

The author of this publication is the Founding Father of the Movement “Operation Dump Mahama” of which any Ghanaian voting for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP in the upcoming Election 2020 is an automatic member.

Rockson Adofo


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