NDC Braggers shall never stop bragging

NDC Braggers shall never stop bragging.
The difference between Npp and Ndc economic management, and nation building is very clear by evidence. Npp will always Bailout Ghana’s economy from IMF. Ndc will always imprison Ghana’s economy in IMF. Npp borrowed to pay workers, I.e. NBCO, civil services etc, whereas, Ndc borrowed from IMF and managed Ghana under IMF conditionalities and we all saw the repercussions.
Npp borrowed to manage our NHI. Ndc borrowed for the mismanagement of SADA/GIDA, etc. Npp borrowed to pay Nigeria Gas for resupplying of Gas to stop ” Dumsor”. Coronaviruse great lockdown has caused the worst economic downturn since the great depression
therefore, if Ghana/Npp government under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is not borrowing from IMF then, it is clear indication that, there’s confidence in the Ghanaian economy. I therefore, urge Ex-president John Mahama and his team to stay put and wait for another 4 more years of President Akufo Addo prudent management.
Mr. David Kankam Boadu ( Npp)

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