NDC, ALLIES PUT TO SHAME ; As Recovered Accra Girls Students Return To School Amidst Cheers From Colleagues


As Recovered Accra Girls Students Return To School Amidst Cheers From Colleagues

The partial reope ning of schools to allow final year students to prepare for their final exams was greeted with scurrilous criticisms from opposition elements who said the lives of the students were being endangered on the altar political considerations.

The Education Ministry and the Ministry of Health outlined various measures put in place to deal with any reported cases of COVID-19 since it was anticipated that some may show signs of the virus.

When Accra Girls reported cases of COVID-19 infections, the NDC, in collaboration with some media outlets, started their ignominious epithets of how President Akufo-Addo has been insensitive in sending these children to school.

They also played on the emotional keyboards of the parents whose wards were affected by the virus, and incited them to demand the closure of schools.

Angel Cabonou and his charges, as usual, were on the sidelines pulling strings all in their attempts to paint this Government as insentient.

A non-recognized Association of PTAs jumped on to the bandwagon with calls on the Government to abandon the academic year.

They have been consistent in the dirges they have been singing, hoping that would break the defenses of the Government to knuckle under the pressures they have been piling.

Seven of the students who tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered fully and have been integrated into their school.

Contrary to the gloomy and bleakly reception the NDC, their assigns in the media space, some leaders of the teacher unions, the leader of that phantom National PTA coalition, and all those who were behind the scenes praying for fire and brimstone to fall on us, the entire school, the colleagues of these recovered students, met them with joy.

It was a triumphal entry by the students into Jerusalem (Accra Girls). The pessimists would definitely not be happy with this progress report and great news.

The problem with modern day propaganda is that, it doesn’t take weeks but just days to render same useless.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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