NDC Administrator Jubilates Over Sir John’s Death (Screenshot)


NDC Administrator Jubilates Over Sir John’s Death (Screenshot)

The Former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, “NPP” was reported dead after suffering from a short illness.

News circulating indicates that he tested positive for COVID-19 but unfortunately did not survive the deadly pandemic.

Upon hearing the sudden death of the former General Secretary of the NPP, the administrator of the National Democratic Congress, “NDC” started jubilating as if they have already won the election.

He stated that the President and his supporters haven’t seen anything yet. There is more tragedic incident to come, “he started”.

He is the administrator for the National Democratic Congress Online TV channel ” NDC TV”.
What he wrote on about the death of Sir John is very sad and unfair.

The nation is mourning our bereaved citizen and people are making fun of it?

Surprised right?

The administrator went further to say that God has unleashed his anger on the New Patriotic Party that is why they are dying. This comment is not appropriate “for death is inevitable” and everyone will one day depart from this world.

Jubilating over someone’s death is absurd.

Is he mocking the deceased or the New Patriotic Party?

Politics in Ghana has become something else whereby politicians don’t feel pain and sympathy for their fellow politicians in a time of crises.

Posting something on Facebook to mock the death of the former CEO of Ghana Forestry Commission is totally below the belt.

This is not politics, it is wickedness.

screenshot attached

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