1992: In the run-up to the 1992 elections, government expenditure increased dramatically leading to a budget deficit of 9.4% of GDP. This led to the suspension of IMF and World Bank support to our economy for not ensuring fiscal discipline during the Structural Adjustment Policy (SAP) period.

1993: As at the end of that year, the NDC who touts themselves as Nkrumaist ended up collapsing and selling over 200 state owned enterprises established by Dr Nkrumah under the Divestiture of State Assets Act passed by the PNDC.

1994: The CEO of GNPC, Mr Tsatsu Tsikata was running a “one man show” at GNPC and wilfully caused financial lost to the state by investing GNPC funds into a private agric firm (Valley Farms).

1995: Dr Kwesi Botwey, the longest serving finance minister in Ghana’s history tendered in his resignation as a substantive finance minister in 1995. His resignation was due to the “Financial Wizard’s” (Tsatsu Tsikata) unilateral role and “one man show” at GNPC.

1996: In response to the policy slipagges, the IMF and World Bank again suspended our donor support for Ghana as the fiscal stance in 1996 resulted in an overall budget deficit of 9.5% of GDP.

1997: A Serious Fraud Office in London implicated Alhaji Baba Kamara, Dr Sipa Yankey and three other NDC stalwarts for bribery and corruption with a UK bridge-building firm, Mabey and Johnson. (Mabey and Johnson Saga).

1998: Dr Kwame Peprah, the finance minister and some NDC apparatchiks connived with Ms. Renee Cotton, an American business woman in defrauding and causing financial lost to the state over the “Long Grain Saga”. Ms. Renee Juliet Cotton was later probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Inland Revenue Services (IRS) in her involvement in the scandal back home in the US.

1999: Victor Selomey and Daniel Abodakpe defrauded the state by diverting ¢2.73 billion into the personal bank account of their crony meant for a feasibility study for the establishment of a Science and Technology Community Park/Valley Project which never materialized when the duo co-chaired the Trade and Investment Program.

1999 (A) The year the NDC used their Majority in parliament to stop the motion brought before parliament by the then MP for new Juabeng North, Hackman Owusu Agyemang in probing the $5million bribe to former president Rawlings by Sanni Abacha.

2000: More than 185 narcotic cases that were pending in police custody were never prosecuted in any competent court of jurisdiction.

2000/2001 transitional period: After putting the economic indicators in total shambles with a debt to GDP ratio of 187%, Growth to GDP of 3.7%, inflation rate of of 43% and with just 25days of import cover, the then Governor of the bank of Ghana, Dr Kwabena Dufour and Dr Kwame Preprah sent massaged figures to IMF often known as MISREPORTING. This misreporting led to a penalty imposed on Ghana to the tune of $39million which was later paid by the Kuffour’s administration.

2009: They runned to IMF again after inheriting one of the bouyant economic indicators in 2009 from the erstwhile kuffour’s administration.

2009 (A) The Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in London revealed incidence of bribery and corruption spearheaded by Airbus where the European Aviation giant paid millions of bribes to state officials in Ghana in exchange for lucrative contracts. Where the European Aviation giant engaged the services of a close relative of a high-ranking elected Ghanaian Government official who served as an intermediary to facilitate the sale of three military transport aircraft to the Government of Ghana.

2009 (B) Mahama Ayariga clandestinely took five “Kubota” Tractors out of the 2000 tractors from the ministry of Agriculture that were meant for under privileged farmers across the country to boost food production and security.

2010: The year a sitting vice President (Mahama )dubiously inflated prices over the Embraer 190 jet deal.

2010 (A): We were told by Benjamin Kumbour that he was marked for assassination. However, Police investigation discovered that he manufactured the said assassination attempt on himself with his own Jericho 941PSL Pistol as the gunshot came from Dr Kumbour’s own gun contrary to his earlier report.

2011: For the first time in the annals of Ghana’s history, a committee was setup by a sitting President to probe his vice president over the acquisition of aircraft for the Armed Forces negotiated by vice President Mahama.

2011 (A) The incessant dubious judgement debt payment to their cronies was also climax same year. (Wayome, CP, Waterville, Isofotone eta l).
A competent court of Jurisdiction (Justice Dotse) described the €40million judgment debt paid to Waterville Holdings Ltd and the GH¢51.2million paid to businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, as a carefully orchestrated plan by some individuals, companies and lawyers, as a “brigade” formed to loot the country.

2012: Their reckless spending was envinced 3months to the 2012 elections as they presented a supplementary budget of GHS 4.7billion to increase fiscal deficit for that year but ended up spending additional GHS 4billion making GHS 8.7billion…in Mahama’s quest to become president by hook or crook.

2012 (A) Again, after touting themselves as Nkrumaist, they ended up obliterating Nkrumah’s dream by relinquishing his only parliamentary seat left in parliament from his daughter, Samia Nkrumah, in the Jomoro constituency.

2012 (B) Same year, the substantive minister of Employment, E.T Mensah exposed Okudjato Ablakwa big time… after the latter stated without mincing words that the NDC government has created over 1.6million jobs.

2013: A year of shame…the year some NDC northerners stalwats conspired and defrauded their fellow northerners through the SADA fraud. NB:President Maham was very instrumental in the implementation of SADA, Sulley Gariba drew up the SADA Policy, Roland Agambire was the the CEO and Gilbert Iddi was the service provider).
The GYEEDA rot with impunity was also not in isolation same year.

2014: After putting the economy in total shambles with just six days import cover, Mahama and the NDC runned to IMF for policy credibility which was characterised with punitive embargo and stringent measures on Ghana’s economy.
The Brazil world cup scandal was not out of gear.

2014 (A) The Presidency overspent its budgetary allocation by about 100% as Parliament approved a ceiling of GHC30,929,343 but according to the 2014 report from the Finance Committee of Parliament, the Presidency spent GHC75,917,714 between January and September 2014 only.

2015: The NDC signed a gas contract with ENI to flow 180 mmscfd. They committed Ghana to a take or pay obligation, with 90% of total gas produced but did not plan for the utilization of the gas nor planned for gas transportation infrastructure to flow the gas to the market which caused us $40million dollars monthly….including the pay or take energy contract with the Independent Power Producers which saddled us into a compulsory 500million dollars annually.

2015 (A) The year 155 journalists across the country joined Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and petitioned President Mahama to sanction his staffer, Mr. Stan Dodge following Mr. Dogbe’s assault of Mr. Yahayah Kwamoah, a journalist with state-owned Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) but to no avail.

2016: The NDC secured 175 million dollar loan contract to build seven hospitals in Ghana but rather diverted it into a research of the NDC chances in the 2016 elections.

2016 (A) A world bank report revealed that unemployment rate among the teeming youth was 48% which was the worst in Ghana’s history.

2016 (C). Ghana’s Judiciary was slapped in its face by a poisonous and unprudent executive decision over the Revocation of the Montie Trio.

2016 (D) Other scandalous act included:
1.$14m vice presidential Villa,
2.Ghc4b interoperability system,
3. Bus branding
4. Double Salary collectors
4. Fordgate scandal etc

2016 (E).
They ended up putting the economy in total shambles after inheriting one of the bouyant economic indicators in Ghana’s history in 2008.

28th SAD ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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