NDC 2020 Manifesto Review-Health Sector : Full of Deceit


NDC 2020 Manifesto Review-Health Sector : Full of Deceit

The NDC has done its best to come out with a manifesto for 2020 election.

However, if is very unfortunate that their manifesto regarding the health sector is full of deceit and I think the entire NDC political party and its flagbearer, John Mahama were misled.

My justifications:
Page 64
employ the backlog of qualified health professionals

The NPP has cleared all the backlogs the NDC left in 2016; including private trained and university graduate nurses from 2012 to 2016, and also employed all batches of public trained nurses and midwives (including NACs and NAPs) from 2016, 2017. The NPP government has also approved financial clearance to employ 2018 Nurse Assistant Clinical and Nurse Assistant Preventive (6,348), and 2018 Degree and Diploma Nurses and Midwives ( 12,097). A total of 18,445.

These backlogs were never employed by Mahama NDC administration.
So what backlogs of health workers is the NDC going to employ?

It appears the NDC will not employ health workers to create new backlogs if they win power and later clear them.

Page 64
support bilateral and other exchange programmes for our health personnel to expose
them to best practices around the world

This is already implemented by the NPP Government and as I type Ghanaian health workers are in Barbados.

Page 64
initiate a plan to establish the Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives

The Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives is already established.

“The Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives (GCNM) is a body corporate with perpetual succession established by the provisions of the SPECIALIST HEALTH TRAINING AND PLANT MEDICINE RESEARCH ACT 2011, PART THREE (ACT 833)”

So I ask, what kind of establishment is the NDC talking about?

Page 64
implement tax waivers in order to assist health workers to acquire means of transport
to respond to emergency calls

In 2013, John Mahama and the NDC canceled the tax waiver on imported vehicles for health professionals. “Kwaterekwa se obe ma wo ntoma a, tie ne din”.
The Mahama NDC is known for cancellation of good policies like this tax waiver on vehicles, nurse midwife trainees allowances, and many more.

(w) collaborate with Traditional Herbal Medicine Producers for rapid integration of herbal
medicine in Ghana’s health system

The NPP Government has already integrated traditional herbal medicine (alternative medicine) in the Ghana Health Service.

On 7.1.4, page 66, the NDC government cannot be trusted when it comes to health financing and strengthening of the NHIS. They nearly collapsed the NHIS with huge claims in arrears, rendering most health facilities financially handicapped. It took the NPP Government to pay all the claims in arrears to all subscribers.

On 7.1.5, page 66, the NDC government should be the last to talk about COVID-19 management. What didn’t witness during the cholera outbreak in 2014?

#Flashback in 2014…

This how President John Mahama managed Cholera outbreak in 2014

▪️According to GHS, in 2014, a total of 28,975 cholera cases with 243 deaths were reported from 130 out of the 216 districts in all 10 regions of Ghana

▪️ Case fatality:
Cholera outbreak in 2014 (0.83%)

There was no support or incentives like allowances from government to frontliners. Health workers, especially those at Adabraka Polyclinic (where the highest cases of Cholera were recorded) had no enough PPEs, they had to improvise “rubbers” as PPEs.

Ghanaians should take note of such deceits and advise themselves appropriately.
2020 election is about who is the best candidate in terms of fulfilment of promises that give hope to the future generation and our motherland Ghana.

Douglas Adu-Fokuo
Aide to Presidential Advisor on Health


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